The Very Bloggy Wedding

At some point you have to trying to put things in order and focus instead on celebrating the wacky, cooky spot you are standing in today. In a world of First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, After Sanctifying Marriage Under The Law Comes A  Legitimate Baby In A Baby Carriage it seems we missed the memo. One baby and several years later, the wedding just now occurred to us. And because the Big (little) Day should be a reflection of the couple’s personality, we are embracing the absurd and celebrating all things odd and unique. True to our love of creativity, it was the perfect choice to have YOU, The Ramblings’ readers, plan our little Love Party.

How does this work?

Good question. It seems no bride is insane (or genius?) enough to have tested these bloggy waters before. Weekly I will feature a post allowing you to vote for your favorite option of the day (colors, invitations, best songs to watch your dad drunk-dance to, etc.).  Check this page to follow the wedding plans as they come together! Creativity is key, so a little poll here and there won’t nearly do the trick. Each Bloggy Wedding post is also an open forum for your ideas, stories from memorable weddings past, and your always funny comment banter.

Here is some insight into how chronic heartburn turned into a baby, a proposal, and a very wacky idea for planning a wedding via blog!


Date: April, 2012

Location: Aerial Nashville: Rooftop venue overlooking Broadway.

Color Scheme: Readers voted for icy blue + orangey red

 Readers help with Wedding-In-A-Word: a personalized banner featuring readers’ words to summarize marriage. While “Life Over” didn’t quite make the cut, you all offered so many other fantastic words to help describe The Big (little) Day!

The Basic Concept

 Plus your lovely input…

{Just a taste}

Wordle: bloggy

Bloomin’ Boots courtesy of Kathy @ Reinventing The Event Horizon & Reader, Britney P. will act as funky, Southern centerpieces on some of the tables.

Vintage Nashville postcards will act as (cheapy, cheapy, McCheapy Pants) fun Save The Date cards for guests!

Reader’s chose Fabric Stencil custom PDF invitations from Amy Adams at {a} Printables

I botched the vote so the Runner Up Winningest Loser Fabric for those invitations was (kind of) chosen by readers, too!

YUM. Readers select the Country-Goes-Modern menu from Nashville’s own Bacon & Caviar Catering! 

Coretta from Stella & Dot comes bearing bling. Readers style my bridesmaids pretty!

For an inexpensive pop of color, we will feature a ribbon installation deemed the “Wonder Wall” at our wedding. Ramblings readers can send in small notes, photos, doodles (NO to anthrax or boxes containing live things. A big ol’ YES to unmarked 100 dollar bills) & be a part of the littlest Big Day:

Tori Nelson

PO Box 11241

Jackson, TN


The fantastically crafty Autumn will make custom fabric bouquets that I can keep in my house and drool over… Oh, and carry down the aisle. Readers voted for the Funkified Frilly look from the Etsy shop AutumnArt!

This week the great Bridal Registry Debate is up for discussion (or…err… debation). I think it’s weird to ask for too much from guests, and I’m very confused why folks don’t appreciate the delicious humor and economical sense in registering for a lifetime’s supply of bacon. Nom.

Readers got their votes hijacked when I picked my own WEDDING DRESS. The nerve of me! Boo!

But spirits quickly lifted when you all decided you liked my bargain bin/ clearance tagged Vera Wang discount dress. Yay!

It’s a cheapy cheap masterpiece is what it is.

Then the lovely Rachel from Lovely Day Hair & Makeup stopped by for some glitter & lip glossy fun. You voted for a Bloggy Wedding Beehive with Retro Red Light makeup and took me from this:

Don’t be alarmed. This is my normal look. Ok. Be alarmed

to THIS!

Sassy Mama

Perfectly fitting for a celebration centered around sweetness, Shelby from TooTall Designs lent her mad baking skills to our little wedding. Readers kept with a festive-Southern-retro-whimsical-edgy-what’s-our-theme-again-? style and a Red Velvet (with cream cheese frosting), Ruffled cake will grace the sweets table (err, umm, my belly) come wedding day!

What’s all this planning for without stellar pictures to remember this special day? The coolest (and only) Swede I know, Celi Mosley of Celi Mosely Photography & Media offers her expert eye to capture every last reader-voted detail!

And no Music City wedding would be complete without some music, y’all. Talented performed, Dakota Jay swooped in with banjo in hand to bring the funk (and country and 90s alt. rock and maybe some Doo Wop, too). Beyond his twangy voice and killer guitar riffs, Dakota won us over with his knows-no-bounds set list options. Find me another cowboy who’ll sing TLC’s r&b hit “Scrubs”. I dare you.

Last week readers got a thrilling sneak peek of all of those hard-cast wedding votes put into action. This is also known as The One Time Tori Crafted Without Killing Things. Behold! With Amy Adams’s genius design help, I made invitations that were not altogether awful!


Thanks for the wedding, y’all.


We done got hitched!

For those of you up North, this translates to “Why yes, kind sir, we did indeed vow marital union to one another. Good day!” or… um, something like that. On April 14th, 2012 high above the hustle and bustle of Nashville’s Broadway Avenue, months and months of reader votes, ideas, and contributions came together to create one amazing wedding. From table decor to the bridal ‘do, invitations to bridesmaids’ bling, Ramblings readers chose it all and proved that planning the best wedding really is a labor of love. For those of you who tuned in and cast your votes or for those of you just stopping by all clueless and WTF?-like, here are some recaps from this uniquely wonderful day:

Celi & Her Camera

Ceremonious Maximus

Music In The Music City

Yums & More Yums

Two Receptionists & A Reception

Guest of Honor: Meeting A Blogging Friend For The 1st Time… On My Wedding Day

Deanna Does Details: Creatively Cheap Ideas Every Bride Should Steal

    With a boat load of ingenuity from a bunch of bloggers, our small budget wedding was more than we could’ve asked for!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

154 thoughts on “The Very Bloggy Wedding

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  4. You are one very brave woman ;)

    But many congratulations! We were a little backwards as well. This is my second marriage, so I came with child in tow. We then moved in together, got engaged, bought a house, decided to make a baby (well.. decided it would be soon, anyway. my IUD is still safely preventing reproduction until the new insurance cards come in), AND THEN got married. But it was beautiful & perfect & wonderful & overflowing with love. Yours will be, too :)

    For fun, check out These ladies helped keep my head on straight when the wedding planning got ridiculous – and it will.

    • Thank you for the link! I could definitely use all the advice I can get! We are in the same budget boat. With a child, a house, and a single income, we definitely don’t have the luxury of splurging! Hopefully, with the help of creative readers, we can pull of a sweet party!

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    • I figure, what’s the worst that can happen? My wedding might look like a low-budget circus? I can’t say it wouldn’t look like that if I were left to plan it on my own. Does anyone know where I can find a bear who juggles and tapdances?

  8. Hello brave bride!!! I have been in love with all the new wedding crazes that are going on right now. I just love weddings that feel new and old all at once. I would love to know if you have a dress, veil, flower ideas???? I would love to do your bouquet, depending on what your looking for…Every time I go to a craft store now all i think about is that color combo of robin blue and orangey red!!! and how much i would love to do your bouquet! I just happen to be doing a church friends wedding flowers right now and have a sample of the style of bouquet i would love to do, if you would be in love with it as much as i am. I can send pics if you would like, the samples are a plum, creamy white, and chartreuse green….the girl they are for wanted dark green and plum, but i talked in to a little younger feel, being as she is 24. Let me know how you would like to get the pics and i will send them….Be blessed in Jesus….. Fancy Day*

  9. So, you’re one brave lady! What about the dress? When do we get to the dress? Is it time for the dress yet? Can I help you pick your dress? Is there any way your dress could be next? Haha ;) I guess you know which part I’m really concerned about helping you with! :)

    • I’m excited about the dress part, too! That will probably come later! We’ve got menus, decoration, and all sorts of other funky things to plan first! We’ll have to wait a little bit for you guys to pick the dress/ hair/makeup portion! I wish we could do it tomorrow!

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  19. Wow. You are very brave to open up your wedding plans to the public via blog. Mt fiancee and I are in the midst of planning our own wedding. I’ll check from time to time to see how things are going.

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  21. Hmmmmm…. I’m thinking you need something of my craftiness included in your wedding day! I make framed home decor and personalize it for weddings, babies and general themes as well…. If you find me on Facebook, you can see my pictures! (Megan Faith) If you are interested, let me know! I would LOVE for you to have something of mine incorporated into your big day. (I’ve also done wedding invitations and Thank you’s too!)

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  26. This is the most unique thing I have read in a while. What a cool idea. Your wedding is going to be wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

    Oh, and congrats on your SITS day. :)

  27. I love this idea – can I totally steal it if (when) I get married someday?! Although I can’t say I’d be so trusting to give all the decisions to my readers. :) LOVE this… and congratulations!

    Stopping by from SITS!

  28. A very Happy SITS Day to you! I love that you are letting your blog readers help with your wedding. Very unique! Very fun! I love the month of April. Both of my children were born in April!

  29. This is awesome!! I wish I had thought of something like this. I hated making decisions and I didn’t care too much about the little things. We were getting married whether my bridesmaids wore pink or black. :)

    • Jamie, are we related? That is EXACTLY how I feel about it. I’m not picky enough to, well, pick everything out, and I was pretty sure any one of my readers was 100% more creative than I am anyways!

  30. Wow, what a fun idea. My daughter and I almost killed each other before her wedding was over. Let’s just say we have different styles of almost everything. This should alleviate the stress … maybe.

    I was at our local Starbucks yesterday and there was a table with about seven young women who were obviously a bride and her bridesmaids. Just as I was leaving the bride said to the other girls “This is going to be a totally stress free wedding.” It was all I could do not to laugh out loud.

    • Hahaha! There’s no such thing as stress free, but I will say that taking the pressure off a myself to plan the whole thing by myself has been GLORIOUS! I feel like I’ve got two hundred whacky-but-brilliant wedding planners supporting us!

    • That’s what we’re trying to avoid. I’ve watched enough Bridezillas to scare me. The wedding day doesn’t seem that great if you have to stress for a year ahead of it :)

  31. This is absolutely fabulous! I wish I had the lightheartedness and sense of humor you do. I always say I would like to do it again – although I am not sure why because everything was just perfect – but if I do have a “vow-renewal” ceremony, it may turn into the Bloggy Renewal Celebration! Thanks for this bright spot in my day! Subscribing from SITS

    • Miranda, I bet you do. I’m not even that lighthearted… maybe slightly pudgy hearted at best! I would definitely recommend a reader-planned celebration. I’ve had more fun planning the wedding with these guys than I thought I would ever have on my actual wedding day :)

  32. Happy SITS Day! OK, I totally love this idea. How crazy and fun are you both that you are creating your special day like this. Awesomeness! I look forward to following along with it! Only been to Nashville once and loved it. :)

    • Yes! I’m from Nashville but we moved to Jackson for The Dude’s work. It seems silly since it’s only an hour or so away, but Jackson has been quite the quirky little city to adjust to :)

  33. Howdy, Southerner!
    I vote for Tar-get’, since a lot of hick towns don’t have a Crate&Barrel, except for feedin’ the critters, of course!
    Happy SITS Day!

    • Haha! Love it. When I first told The Dude about registering at Crate&Barrel he was walking around all confused. He was trying to figure out how many things we could ask people to get us when we registered at Cracker Barrel.

  34. Awww, I love your color scheme & the Wedding in a Word banner, such awesome ideas. The invites & wonder wall are def a great idea too. I also love the idea of a fabric bouquet, very original!

    OMG! I’m in love with your wedding!

    • I’m in love with my wedding, too!!! I’m telling you, these readers have my back. I was waiting for them to purposefully pick some awful things just to mess with me, but they’ve been nice every time!

  35. You are wonder woman! I love that you are doing this (in that I am both scared and in awww of you), and I love that you have answered so many of these comments. There is no right or wrong path by which we do things and I think it’s so special that your baby carriage came before the marriage and now you can include your special little one in your day in your way! Congratulations to you and I will check back to see where you net out. Love the Bridemaid’s necklaces, I need to check those out!

    PS. A celeb wedding planner, who happens to be a close friend of mine Brian Worley (just started a new blog on WordPress too), did an amazing wedding in teal and tangerine here in LA. His company website is go to the weddings section and look for the tangerine and teal wedding (can’t miss it). It may give you some fun ideas to put out there for your bloggy wedding selectors!

  36. I love the Wonder Wall and the fabric bouquet. I hope it turns out to be all that you’d like it to be. It’s good to have fun with the process of planning instead of being all stressed out, I love casual weddings.

  37. I love your site! I’m so excited to see all these great ideas. I’m throwing my daughter’s wedding come November and I hope I can steal some of your original wedding ideas before it’s too late. I especially LOVE the material wedding bouquet. So adorable and fun. You have an awesome site and I’m going to go figure out how to follow now. I can see I have some fun reading ahead of me! Blessings, Tia

  38. I love this! Memories make the day and you have a great start already with all of us. I am thinking a Skype type thing would be oh so cool fo us to follow like a photo booth. you can share what you want with us. Congrats on Sits day. Can not wait to follow the rest.

    • I think that sounds really cool! I’ve been trying to think of a way to let everybody watch from home! I can’t promise anything exciting though, unless you count my grandma’s sassy dance moves!

  39. You are brave, but I love this idea! I wish I was was a little more plugged in to the blog world when I got married! Good luck!

    • Poor real-life planners! Money was a big concern. Knowing that we didn’t have a budget to hire a team of “professionals”, I was relieved to find that a whole bunch of readers are creative AND will help out for free!

  40. Very interesting… and sounds like a solution for someone who can be indecisive, which would be easy with wedding plans if you’re busy or aren’t sure which options to go with!!

    It will be fun and interesting to see how it all turns out… but THE MOST important thing, of course, is the marriage anyway, and not the wedding (which “we” brides seem to get so focused on for some reason… we’ve only been planning it since we were conceived… lol!… some of us, that is) ;)

    Hope you’re having an awesome SITS day!! :)

    • Indecisive is exactly the problem! At one point I asked a friend if I could just have four color schemes because I liked ALL the colors. Luckily the readers stepped in, so we won’t be having a neon, gray, red, orange, and blue wedding :)

  41. I love all your wedding ideas! This month is my 7 year anniversary and our colors were blue and orange too. Good luck and it looks like it will be fabulous!

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  51. Looks amazing so far! I love what your reafders chose and how it all blends together in a fresh, modern colorful way with touches of country like the blooming boots and the menu. I will definitely stop back as it draws closer.

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  71. Greetings! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy
    reading through your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same subjects?
    Thanks for your time!

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