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Writer, No Writing.

Writer, No Writing.

Here are some dangers of thinking/ reasons you shouldn’t really ever take my advice completely/ flaws in my logic: Serial Killer, No Killing. Stripper, No Stripping. Dope Head, No Doping. Drunk, No Drinking. Liar, No Lying. Ke$ha, No…just stop. If you’re horrible then absolutely don’t be yourself. All the rest of youse, carry on. Continue reading

Your Hallelujah Hat

I  woke up one day with heinous hair. It was a detonated bomb right there atop my head. Destruction, electric frizz sizzling, suddenly silver hairs that must have been coated in the ash of aftermath. Oh God, I swear I heard the faint groaning of victims. Relief efforts began. I washed and combed, plucked and … Continue reading

It’s Yertle The Turtle Again, Isn’t It?

As a college student, I briefly nannied this horrible shit of a Kindergartener. I say “briefly” because when one’s head and heart tells them to address a 5-year-old as a “shit” (even internally), it becomes clear that career choices at some point were askew. Also his mother paid me like a blind beggar, insisting she was shoving silent … Continue reading