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Love Is In The Air Mail

A little over two years ago, I picked a random wedding date. April, because we like Spring and Southern summers make me melt into a pool of frizzy, cranky Ugly Soup. 2012, because, quite frankly, it seemed so far away that I’d just about never have to worry about it. All the blog posts, the … Continue reading

DIY Wedding: The “Who Needs Fingers?” Edition

Floor-to-ceiling ribbon wall installation Hand-dyed lace doilies to be used as table runners Vinyl records melted and morphed into decorative flower cones to dot the aisle Sanded and spray painted cowboy boots to act as twangy centerpiece vases Tea cups mounted to platters lacquered onto candlesticks to create shabby chic… shabby chic… shab- I don’t even … Continue reading

Riddle Me What?

What’s black, white, and sadly uneducated? If you answered an illiterate dalmatian, you’d pretty much be right. But for the sake of blogging the answer is…. are you ready for it?….still ready?…. wait for it…… THIS POST! So I fail at riddles but could find no better way than to tease the masses for tomorrow’s Very Bloggy … Continue reading