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Fair Housing: Give Your Kid A Credit Check.

Before the days of sippy cups and aprons, I worked weekend-in-and-day-out at a luxury apartment home community. In addition to enduring rigorous training to exchange terms like “luxury apartment home community” in lieu of “property” or “regretfully decline your application” instead of “We don’t want you” I spent whole hours clicking through on-line training courses … Continue reading

Sugar, Breakfast of Champions?

    Part of learning to parent is learning to functionwithoutsleep acceptpooponyourfinger identifyillnessfromboogercolor  cook. For some this may have been a base already covered. I picture you jogging, nibbling on an apple. On the other end of the spectrum, I was faced with the harsh reality that Doritos aren’t made from real cheese and apparently deep-fried onion rings don’t count … Continue reading

the ugly truth

As part of the punishment  reward for receiving The Memetastic Award, I was challenged to share four bold-faced lies with you, throwing just one truthful tidbit into the mix. As I detailed to reader and fellow Queen Meme, Dana, I cannot lie. Not properly, anyway. I had the added benefit of typing these falsehoods from behind a … Continue reading