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Deanna Does Details. I…Mostly Do Donuts.

It’s demanded that wedding decor be a reflection of the couple’s tastes. Tom leans towards the simple and fresh while I typically fall face-first into the OMG (Oh My Gross) category. My personal taste tends to come across like one of those abstract splatter paintings. Others want to like. They squint, stare, and try to appreciate the … Continue reading

37,361 Words (Give or Take Some Thousands)

I can’t believe none of you have told me to shut the pie hole and zip and then can the proverbial “it”.  I suspect it’s because you’re all so nice. But as the old adage goes, nice guys finish last have to trudge through thousands of words and words and more words just to get the real, one-sentence … Continue reading

Mostly Completely Sunny: The Wedding Day

“But friendship is precious, not only in the shade,  but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine.” – Thomas Jefferson     I walked around the quiet streets of Nashville this morning all alone. It was a peaceful place and time, and I could not help but … Continue reading

You’ve Got Mail… and Bear Issues.

“I am not overlooking any mail. I’m looking at all of it. I even wrote back to the Viagra people.” – Randy Newman    I once camped beside the mailbox waiting for a small, bubble-wrapped baby panda to arrive. I’d paid my mother’s hard-earned cash to Adopt Wildlife, and  I’d be there to greet my bear baby’s gaze the moment she plopped … Continue reading

Love Is In The Air Mail

A little over two years ago, I picked a random wedding date. April, because we like Spring and Southern summers make me melt into a pool of frizzy, cranky Ugly Soup. 2012, because, quite frankly, it seemed so far away that I’d just about never have to worry about it. All the blog posts, the … Continue reading