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hacking, illiterate

The doctor asks if I’ve had a productive cough. I laugh, inhale some exhaled mucus, choke, cough through it like a warrior, and wheezy laugh some more. “Of course not, silly. So far the darn thing hasn’t swept my floors, trimmed the hedges, or even acted like it was about to entertain my kid for … Continue reading

lists, logically.

I entered a stone-cold cell the first day of my first year as a first-time college student. Cinderblock and the distinct smell of era upon era of sweaty co-ed armpits slapped me in my smooth baby face. I felt that lump in my throat of tears I was too old to acceptably cry. The nauseous creep of … Continue reading

One Quarter In Change

Not long ago I had lunch with an old high school friend. I consider him old in that we met sometime between my first real bra and his first tongue kiss with an eleventh grader. We are but early twenties babies, but yet this old, old friend and I reminisced over sandwiches the good old days: … Continue reading

Fashion Forward… Backwards, Inside-Out & Hogtied

I wipe the kid’s nose on the bottom of my shirt while simultaneously swiping my sweating forehead with the collar. I scratch my tangled ponytail only to find a leaf lodged scalp-deep. I laugh when a little girl runs by, stopping to point out the rainbow of chalk handprints smacked across my stretchy pants. The wind blows, … Continue reading