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hopscotch & loyalty

*We played hopscotch in the back corner of the drive with chalk scraped into crooked lines and numbers distributed as best we could remember them from grade school math class. My cousin, holding the sunnier disposition, commenced to hopping. I sat with palms to asphalt, leveling on eye to the ground to scrutinize our work . The … Continue reading

The Wordmanizer & Her Six-Word Life

Words are easy for me. Like a spray-tanned stud prancing into a bar, I prey on some words like he fearlessly, perhaps shamelessly, starts collecting digits from a sea of ready-to-be-loved ladies. You know you want me, words. Don’t fight it. No. I don’t have a girlfriend. I just let my mom keep some of … Continue reading

Honest to Goodness, my Badness.

 Rain teased and fizzed my bangs into a ruffle-knotted mound of ugly across my forehead. The baby chose the tampon aisle as the setting for a dazzling display of toddler will. He grunted and kicked chunky sneakers which translated quite clearly into “Take your grubby paws off this cart, witch!”. And so it was that a … Continue reading

The Beggy Blogger: Are Blog Donations Cyber Panhandling?

     Growing up in Nashville, I grew accustomed to the local homeless population. On a weekend outing with friends, clicking down the sidewalk in shiny heels, I passed their sad eyes and dirt-stained fingernails. Beneath the grime, I could see loveliness. Crouched against rough,brick surfaces, they hopped up at the sight of passersby. Tattered guitar … Continue reading

Be Nice or Leave…and with that I’ll make my exit.

    The smell of baby powder and Bengay floating through the air. The air, confused just as all visitors, is hot and stagnant, unable to breathe or roam without the swift kick of an air conditioner. Floral patterns hug plaid and hold hands with toile. The olive-green carpet wags its shags atop and in between your toes, offering comfort … Continue reading