One word mayest changeth everythingeth.

Just makes a girl wanna rip her shirt off and yell FREEDOM!


A Year of {magical numbers}

    It is the cruelest thing, my son’s ability to grow and change form in the time it takes the rest of us to blink. This year has meant coping, getting comfortable in these, here Mom Jeans, and trying- with calculator and scribbled figures on backs of receipts- to figure out just how one tiny… Continue reading A Year of {magical numbers}


A Resolution To Remain Irresolute

This. This is a testament to my overzealous promises to myself which culminate in an annual feeling that I’ve failed at life.      I first heard of New Year’s Resolutions in the 2nd grade. An older girl in my neighborhood announced that she was determined to grow boobs in the new year. Still enthralled in… Continue reading A Resolution To Remain Irresolute