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A Spoonful of Mayer

It’s a phenomenon I thought I’d explained like this: exhaustion and intravenous drugs. “Too much downtime” and “Desire To Return To Running Man Robot-ing” were also plausible answers. Whatever the cause, here is the effect: I get super-peppy-pop-songs stuck in my head… when I’m sick. Oddly, healthy days are spent reciting overly emotional lyrics to whiny … Continue reading

Deanna Does Details. I…Mostly Do Donuts.

It’s demanded that wedding decor be a reflection of the couple’s tastes. Tom leans towards the simple and fresh while I typically fall face-first into the OMG (Oh My Gross) category. My personal taste tends to come across like one of those abstract splatter paintings. Others want to like. They squint, stare, and try to appreciate the … Continue reading

Jiggy & Getting With It

I sat down to write a prolific post. I had every intention of using very vague metaphors that somehow relate wilted flowers to world hunger. I would use fancy words I found in the dictionary, and none of you would correct my misguided usage of said fancy words because you wouldn’t know their definitions either. … Continue reading