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My Maja, Who Art In Blog Land

It started with THIS. My mom penned a pretty perfect post for The Ramblings as I drank too much wine and got too much sand in my crevices over summer vacation. The response from readers was overwhelming in its goodness, exactly what I expected, exactly what family and friends have urged and cheered on for … Continue reading


   I ain’t got no job. So days and weeks don’t mean what they used to. My Monday is eerily similar to a Saturday. The daily grind, this time lacking the set-schedule and paycheck, is what spurred me to start referring to any given week as a blob, a giant hunk of time not segmented … Continue reading

But first, PLAN Z!

We had been dating for seven-ish months when I stared down the line of an at-home pregnancy test. I would have pissed my pants, but there I sat, jeans around my ankles, quivering bum set to toilet seat, bladder all emptied onto that tiny, plastic, life-changing stick. Before I could wrap my mind around the whole … Continue reading