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Fashion Forward… Backwards, Inside-Out & Hogtied

I wipe the kid’s nose on the bottom of my shirt while simultaneously swiping my sweating forehead with the collar. I scratch my tangled ponytail only to find a leaf lodged scalp-deep. I laugh when a little girl runs by, stopping to point out the rainbow of chalk handprints smacked across my stretchy pants. The wind blows, … Continue reading

The Really Wise Kind of Wisdoms: Web Edition

Someone surprised me with a copy of some life improvement literature not too long ago. I remember the specific disappointment felt when I reached out a hand for said surprise and got 300 pages on why I suck at parenting and need to live exactly as I am not living. I learned that day that not only does “surprise” … Continue reading

Super fan. Super fan. She’s super freaky.

Millions of red-faced, newly-boobed tweens beg mom to drive them to the ampitheater. Squished in the backseat, they freshen the pink marker on glittery posters, try to steady their racing hearts, suck remnants of after-school snacks from wiry braces, and dab an extra glob of Sassy Strawberrylicious lip gloss across their child mouths for good … Continue reading