Too Much

There is no such thing as too much truth. It’s best spoken too loudly and too often.


What Is Good

    What is good? Good is described as “virtuous, right, kind, benevolent, free from infirmity or sorrow”. So God is good. Melted  cookies and rain-slicked summer grass and laughter must be good. Hugs and sweet songs, bare feet and sunshine are surely good. And my precious dad.  Oh my God, he was the very… Continue reading What Is Good


A Million Hands Are Reaching

“Those who have suffered understand suffering and therefore extend their hand.”
– Patti Smith


All of Our Days

This will always be the day the sun shone, the son murdered, the world outside your door kept spinning without you. Impossibly, we are left here hundreds of days since July 10th received its brutal, sacred meaning.