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The Best Bad Mom

   I read a book once. It was all downhill from there.   When a little plastic stick told me a baby was on the way, I gave that solid pink line a fake smile and swallowed some panic. This would be the first of many improvisations as a mother to be followed by a … Continue reading

Always The Baby’s Maid, Never The Baby.

I can confidently say that I’ve left the insecurities of my youth behind. I can go to dinner with my much thinner friend and not want to sneak mayonnaise into her salad. I can flip through racks of pants at Target without mumbling profanities and curses at all the size-2 labels. It’s all maturity and … Continue reading

Funeral Salad

 I am chipping at a block of frozen cookie dough because I could not find the jello. And because we’ve lost a dear member of our family.     When I learned the news of her passing, I betrayed my Southern roots and cried like a baby. It is protocol to shake one’s head and say, “God bless … Continue reading

fresh legs: wise words from the newly walking.

There was sun. There was sun, warm winds, and ground that finally smelled like grass. So we stood still in the center of a sprawling playground, a mom and her boy fresh from crawling.      With biting air and ice and snow smothering life outdoors, my son learned to navigate on foot and wobble safely around sharp corners in … Continue reading

If these walls could talk, they’d SCREAM!

The high school world of scraped lockers, scuffed linoleum, and Sharpie-emblazoned picnic tables provided an outlet for me. I suppose you are all anticipating a pro-educational story, an inspirational tale of how that one teacher who made us create Odyssey themed board games changed my life forever. Maybe I went back to visit said teacher, … Continue reading