One word mayest changeth everythingeth.

Just makes a girl wanna rip her shirt off and yell FREEDOM!


Fashion Forward… Backwards, Inside-Out & Hogtied

I wipe the kid’s nose on the bottom of my shirt while simultaneously swiping my sweating forehead with the collar. I scratch my tangled ponytail only to find a leaf lodged scalp-deep. I laugh when a little girl runs by, stopping to point out the rainbow of chalk handprints smacked across my stretchy pants. The wind blows,… Continue reading Fashion Forward… Backwards, Inside-Out & Hogtied


Hide Your Ha-Ha: Notes On When To Stop Joking

There are many a pleasant thing to be besides hilarious. People are a little more forgiving of chin acne. Even the most serious of situations becomes laughable. But I’ve also learned, through one million repetitions of skewed punch lines and various degrees of humiliation, that being the funny girl is, oddly enough, not much fun at all.… Continue reading Hide Your Ha-Ha: Notes On When To Stop Joking