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Word To Your Mother, Wednesday.

In the Week household, Wednesday is the mild, middle child. She is quiet with the knowledge that she is far better than her dreadful and vicious older sister Monday, slightly more appreciated than her screw-up brother, Tuesday, not nearly as pretty as her antsy little sister, Thursday, and will never, ever feel loved the same … Continue reading

Beauty School Dropout

    Last weekend brought to light a lifelong problem I’ve masked in pony tails and headbands. More so than cats, men in trench coats, and even  large cargo vans with questionable plates, the fear of beauty parlors has haunted my scalp and soul for decades. As I prepared for a Saturday hair appointment, The Mister paced nervously around … Continue reading

Hide Your Ha Ha: Notes On When To Stop Joking

    There are many a pleasant thing to be besides hilarious. I’ve learned, through one million repetitions of skewed punch lines and various degrees of humiliation, that being the funny girl is, oddly enough, not much fun at all. For a little insight I suppose we should go back to the root of the problem: Mrs. … Continue reading

Common Law: The Very Long Engagement

    There are some little girls who dream of sugary sweet proposals and horse-drawn carriages. My expectations fell slightly left of center in that I only ever dreamed of meeting a nice boy who liked me a whole lot.”Reach for the star-patterned china”, the women yell, “Online registries! Champagne Fountains!”. I always figured a picnic … Continue reading