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And They Call It Puppy Murder.

 Hey. Hey wait! Wait everybody. Hold up. I have something funny to say…  annnnd nevermind. Just gas. This week has been a series of unfortunate events. I am currently using frozen garlic bread to ice a foot that I miraculously injured via sitting still.While hopping on one foot to gingerly protect the sprained other, I rammed the good leg’s … Continue reading

The Really Wise Kind of Wisdoms: Web Edition

Someone surprised me with a copy of some life improvement literature not too long ago. I remember the specific disappointment felt when I reached out a hand for said surprise and got 300 pages on why I suck at parenting and need to live exactly as I am not living. I learned that day that not only does “surprise” … Continue reading

A Year of { jiggly laughing }

Something we’ll chat about in 2012 is the shrinkage of the junk in my trunk, my bathroom scale sighing in relief, and my ability to now where shorts without crying. I’ll divulge several magical weight loss tips. As a teaser, I’ll even tell you a couple now: I ate healthy foods. I ran, and ran, and sweated like a … Continue reading