Too Much

There is no such thing as too much truth. It’s best spoken too loudly and too often.


What Is Good

    What is good? Good is described as “virtuous, right, kind, benevolent, free from infirmity or sorrow”. So God is good. Melted  cookies and rain-slicked summer grass and laughter must be good. Hugs and sweet songs, bare feet and sunshine are surely good. And my precious dad.  Oh my God, he was the very… Continue reading What Is Good


Tiny Spark Series: Photographs of The Heart

Although her silence saddened me, I was grateful she’d broken the silence however briefly, for with her emails she had given me a couple of irreplaceable gifts.
One was tangible.


Tiny Spark Series: Remembering a Renegade

   As a teen I listened, amazed, to the pastor of a local church. I didn’t know how this man, a middle-aged guy with a thing for motorcycles and Christ, could so easily understand and speak to me, a little fifteen-year-old in a room of thousands. Wacky, smashing traditional notions of what a Southern preacher should look… Continue reading Tiny Spark Series: Remembering a Renegade


A Mother’s Constitution

  I rocked my son in the creaky old glider. His hair is damp from the bath, sweet smell of bubblegum bubbles still lingering over him. I sweep my hand round and round his small back, soothing myself, really. This mother’s fear, it is an achy thing. It grabs me by the throat and throbs behind… Continue reading A Mother’s Constitution