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For My Dad, Who Never Killed Me

This is a post I wrote for my father, The Jeff Nelson, *who loves me despite this blog. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My dad tells this charming story about the time he found the Jeff Nelsons of America. The story became charming sometime around 1993 when I realized that in addition to going by Dad, Daddy, Daddio, (whiny voice) … Continue reading

Be Nice or Leave…and with that I’ll make my exit.

    The smell of baby powder and Bengay floating through the air. The air, confused just as all visitors, is hot and stagnant, unable to breathe or roam without the swift kick of an air conditioner. Floral patterns hug plaid and hold hands with toile. The olive-green carpet wags its shags atop and in between your toes, offering comfort … Continue reading

In Fergitude

{This is an old post, but seeing as how the last few nights have served me with wicked nightmare after horrifying vision, it saved me from typing some slurred and sleepy drivel. This post also seems unfortunately appropriate to my current state of mind:  far less sunny than Miami, probably less productive than New York. Sweet Lord! Detroit. My nap-less … Continue reading