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Haute Mess

Haute Mess

You could say style runs in the family. Our long line of beauty-conscious  blood runs deeper than a v-neck. My mother, the makeup maven of the bunch, is often accused of being airbrushed. She’s just that good with a blush brush, y’all. And I can’t tell you how many times my son and I are … Continue reading

tiny pants/ BIG DEAL

I am posing in a rocking pair of hot pink shorts and a too-big neon tank top. I hear the slouchy “boyfriend” look is in, so the droopy shirt is practically on trend… if only I had a ridiculously color-blind and feminine boyfriend to trust for hand-me-downs. My newly short hair is jutting out from new angles … Continue reading

Fashion Forward… Backwards, Inside-Out & Hogtied

I wipe the kid’s nose on the bottom of my shirt while simultaneously swiping my sweating forehead with the collar. I scratch my tangled ponytail only to find a leaf lodged scalp-deep. I laugh when a little girl runs by, stopping to point out the rainbow of chalk handprints smacked across my stretchy pants. The wind blows, … Continue reading

Funny {Cheap, Lovely, Crazy, Funky} Valentine

I run into the market for some milk. I navigate the crowded card & candy aisle. Worry-slapped men blink panicked eyes: The funny card or the sentimental one? Box -shaped box of chocolates or heart-shaped? Flowers or… Forget it. Nobody’s worth $50 and a half-dozen weeds. Condoms- presumptuous or just well prepared or both with … Continue reading