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And They Call It Puppy Murder.

 Hey. Hey wait! Wait everybody. Hold up. I have something funny to say…  annnnd nevermind. Just gas. This week has been a series of unfortunate events. I am currently using frozen garlic bread to ice a foot that I miraculously injured via sitting still.While hopping on one foot to gingerly protect the sprained other, I rammed the good leg’s … Continue reading

lists, logically.

I entered a stone-cold cell the first day of my first year as a first-time college student. Cinderblock and the distinct smell of era upon era of sweaty co-ed armpits slapped me in my smooth baby face. I felt that lump in my throat of tears I was too old to acceptably cry. The nauseous creep of … Continue reading

Scary Funny

He wore a god damn yellow bow tie. He spoke in tones that swooped low before looping high in the air. He seemed to always hiccup and swallow giggles. The  Mad Hatter.  Cheerful Circus Freak. Clumsy. Goofy. His voice was a rollercoaster swerving wildly in directions that made you nervous laugh from the adventure and imminent … Continue reading

Barf: A Lesson On Ingenuity.

Scattered is a good word for her. The title of educator never seemed to fit. Enlightening, educating, teaching, ironically, were not this teacher’s strong suits. Every day she stood flat center of the classroom scrambling to find something, anything to feed us as knowledge. We’d start the morning hearing a few sentences on multiplication tables … Continue reading