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Funny {Cheap, Lovely, Crazy, Funky} Valentine

I run into the market for some milk. I navigate the crowded card & candy aisle. Worry-slapped men blink panicked eyes: The funny card or the sentimental one? Box -shaped box of chocolates or heart-shaped? Flowers or… Forget it. Nobody’s worth $50 and a half-dozen weeds. Condoms- presumptuous or just well prepared or both with … Continue reading

Of Mice & Frat Boys

I enjoyed college mostly because of how much I learned as a student. From the mathematical equation necessary to perfect a seductive hair toss to the Phys.Ed training that led me to four Beer Pong Championship titles, I felt my brain expanding with the knowledge nightly. I was sure that if I studied into the … Continue reading

it takes two & it used to take only one.

Today you are two. This used to not be the case. Yesterday, for instance, you weren’t nearly so many. I guess things can’t help changing all the time. Today we are reading your favorite book On The Day You Were Born. You point at the tiny stars on the page. I cry and cry and … Continue reading