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Scary Funny

He wore a god damn yellow bow tie. He spoke in tones that swooped low before looping high in the air. He seemed to always hiccup and swallow giggles. The  Mad Hatter.  Cheerful Circus Freak. Clumsy. Goofy. His voice was a rollercoaster swerving wildly in directions that made you nervous laugh from the adventure and imminent … Continue reading

A Year of { THANK YOU }

 So this is it. I say “this is it” a full quarter of a day before the clock strikes twelve. My mother always told me  “the early bird gets the worm…but misses the party” and “the only thing going on after midnight is hoochin’ and whorin’ “. She never really said that, but I like … Continue reading

Celebrate The (Almost) Every Day

I love holidays. You can dress as a tauntaun, creeping out neighbors while stealing their candy. You can kill turkeys and eat them in the name of peace and mankind and solidarity and moccasins. You can stock up on gifts, admire twinkling lights, and occasionally send a shout out via prayer to thank that little … Continue reading

When you let blog readers plan your wedding…

…You are reminded, once again, that there is no concept so crazy that the creative force of a few hundred brilliant minds can’t mold the wacky into something quite spectacular. When the decision was made to pass the decision-making on to The Ramblings readers, the out-of-the-box method of planning for this out-of-the-box wedding took some … Continue reading