Here You Are

     “We are born of love; Love is our mother.” -Rumi

     It is a rainy day, but it is a new one. A clouded day just months ago was an invitation to stay somber. There’s been such hurt in this place;  I wonder if it wasn’t cruel of me, begging for you to arrive. But here you are now, weighted on my chest. Your breaths are odd and perfect. You smell like soap and bitter milk, lavender and whatever warmth is made of. You see with purest eyes and I want desperately to look out purely, too. Here you are now. You’ll help me see. You are named for good men who are gone, but here they are still in your blood and bones, in the quick thumping of your precious heart. Your crooked smile spills joy and there they are again with you.  I prayed for you in a year where prayers seemed unanswered.

Here you are. It is as simple and miraculous as that.

Jeffrey Peck Young


29 thoughts on “Here You Are

    1. Thomas is loving the big brother role! He’d been an only child for a while so we weren’t sure how he’d take it, but he is so caring! We lucked out in the kid department!

    1. Yes! That’s how I knew I’d been away from the blog too long. Just skipped right over the pregnancy announcement & served up 3 month old baby pics!

    1. Ha! There is “I could use a nap” tired and there’s “should not operate a motor vehicle” tired. We’re hovering around the latter. The blessing of Baby #2, though, is that we know the tired part is short lived. Just soaking up this sweet baby stage (and drinking all the coffee)!

    1. Thomas has impressed me to no end. He is such a kind kid. He started Kindergarten & became a big brother all on the same day. Talk about a lifestyle change!

  1. When my brother died, my new baby’s eyes were my lifeline. Something about the way “new” by default meant “good”. Congratulations, your son is beautiful.

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