Andra Watkins Made a Memory & You Can, Too.


    Friend and author Andra Watkins has written ANOTHER excellent book set to come out this week! After her 2014 history-making trek of The Natchez Trace to bring attention to her debut novel To Live Forever, Andra rested her feet & got to typing of her journey along the grueling trail and more importantly her journey to connect and untangle a complicated relationship with her hike chaperone & father, Roy.  Her newest book out January 15th,  Not Without My Father , speaks in a raw & stunning way about choosing right this minute to take opportunities, to mend fences, to do the hard work of loving one another, to make memories. Last year’s March consisted of my stepping into Andra’s hike to take a few baby steps with her as she neared Nashville. She ate brunch with my mom. I laughed and laughed talking to her father as he reminded me so much of my own. By last year’s September, both my parents were gone. 60 days and the end of two life-making relationships, but not, I’m learning, an end to the memories they’ve left behind.  To say I believe in her urgent message to get up & share life with those you love right now is an understatement.

An amazing idea sprang from her work on Not Without My Father. Andra has initiated the Make a Memory campaign to “turn ‘I wish I had’ into ‘I’m glad I did’.” And I say AMEN TO THAT, SISTER. Readers (that’s you!) can make a conscious choice to make a memory & share experiences with the hashtag #MakeaMemory.

Today, I’m sharing  my forever, number one “I’m glad I did” memory on Andra’s site. I hope you’ll check it out & consider making & sharing new memories of your own.

My #MakeaMemory “Monday Full of Grace”



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