Glue Sticks & A Gratitude Malfunction

Amid the turkeys crafted from toilet paper rolls, the thrilling promise of pie, and the peace-meal story of Pilgrims, I thought I’d slip some life-altering lessons to my toddler in regards to Thanksgiving. We sat last week and attempted to make a list of what he is most grateful for. Over the span of a few distracted hours, the boy’s list of blessings boiled down to the following:

glue sticks


chocolate candy

red trucks

birthday presents

Christmas presents


the dog ( “when she’s not biting me”)


Curious George

Deepening the discussion, I prompted him to acknowledge his good health… to which he scrunched his face and after much thought concluded, simply, “No”. He wasn’t much interested in safety or a happy home, either. Financial health, clean drinking water, sufficient and nutritious food weren’t worth all the hullabaloo, he expressed with a shrug.

Well, could there be a certain lady you’re grateful for. One who loves you and takes care of you. I don’t know, maybe a you-bearing lady you’re thankful for? His eyes seemed to brighten. And mine as well, ready, finally, for a little credit for what a blessing I am up in here. “Yes!,” he answered excitedly. Then he counted off a number of girls in the neighborhood, girls in his class, friendly girls at the supermarket who so often give him stickers. It all comes back to stickers. So, I told him he was doing gratitude all wrong and went off to pout until somebody put me on their god damn Good Things list.

Clearly we both have some things to work on.

What are you thankful for?

(Someone please say your mother)


27 thoughts on “Glue Sticks & A Gratitude Malfunction

  1. I’m so thankful for you and the laugh you just gave me. Also I’m thankful for my mom and dad (but you know how great they are so that’s probably not surprising to you.) Happy thanksgiving!

  2. Ah isn’t it the truth. My 18 year old just went ballistic because I asked her to feed the cat. Jeez!! Enjoy them while they are little and you can still carry them to their room, close the door and hold it shut (you are only stronger than them for a while) until they exhaust themselves screaming and trying to get out (lol)! Fun, fun, motherhood..a.k.a MAID-hood. NOT the job I would have chosen for my livelihood. Thank the goddess I have a REAL job outside the thankless one I do at home where I am underpaid (oh yeah, wait I do it for FREE-not my choice), and under appreciated-a.k.a NOT appreciated at all! So yeah, I totally APPRECIATE my MOM! And have been apologizing for my bad teenage behavior for about 25 years! Thanks for the laugh! Remember to ENJOY all the joys of motherhood(the good, the bad and the downright ugly! And just FYI, don’t ask anyone to feed the cat, it’s easier to do it yourself!:)

    1. Hahaha! Oh, no. I’ve long suspected teenagers are the angriest living things on the planet. Any and everything WILL piss them off. I distinctly remember telling my mom she ruined my life. I think it was over something like not letting me take her car out all night. The nerve of her! I sense karma coming, though. I’m sure I’ll get a healthy dose of Thomas’s teenage angst before I know it 🙂

    1. I love him, too (even when he completely fails to acknowledge me):) I’ll give it time. The closest I got to gratitude was the other day when another little boy was crying and being led out of a store by a revved up, spank-ready mama. Thomas held my hand and I could tell he was pretty darn thankful to not be THAT kid with THAT mom in THAT moment.

  3. Thankful for laughter (which ties in nicely to the fact that you’re kickass at giving us the laughs) and FOOD! I’ve stopped denying the fact that my life revolves around my main 3 meals a day (not to mention the in-between meals) and just accepted that food makes my world trippy (in a good way). And no worries, the kid will come around soon. It just might take him, oh about 10-15 more years. 😉

  4. I’m thankful for many things (and I will be writing a post about that) but I also have come to realize that sometimes its hard to recognize the truly important things in life . . . it may even be harder for an adult than a child. Wouldn’t it be simpler if we could just be thankful for things like glue sticks?

    1. Ahhhh, some wisdom! That’s actually an excellent point. As adults we’re pressured to cover all those BIG HUGE things like health and safety and home. Simpler thanks aren’t always bad 🙂

  5. Really liked this blog!

    Hmm, looking at this list it made me realise mine isn’t far off! Besides the Curious George, do the fire trucks have firemen in? Because then that still applies. Gluesticks (and staplers) make me happy, I do love my stationary. Conclusion? I’ve clearly not matured over the years.

    (p.s not sure if I can pop this here, but for a sex & the city esq type dating blog, please check me out/ follow ^.^)

    1. Hahaha. No worries. I LOVED this kid’s list… just not that it didn’t include me 🙂
      Will definitely check out your site. I should warn you I’m married, failed at dating before I was married, and don’t know a ton about Sex & The City!

  6. lol! I am totally thankful for my mother and how much she helps out and supports me. I think I’d be a lunatic mom without mine nearby. I feel your pain though, my daughter’s picture she colored at school of things she is thankful for include our house, herself, her brother, the grass, and our dog. Zero shout out to mom and dad. 😉

    1. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I’m hoping that this is only because it takes getting older to realize your mom and dad didn’t HAVE to do most of the things they did for you. Same with those big, abstract blessings that adults cling to. Children hardly think to be grateful for good health, for safety, etc. because as kids those just seem like givens. Of course I’m healthy! I’m 4! Of course I’m safe! It takes seeing a bigger world, I guess, to know that those things aren’t always so!

    1. Lists always wig me out. Too much pressure to remember and write down everything. I like to say I’m thankful “in general” which means thankful for a million little things, a few big things, and probably some medium-ish things, too. If I could just remember to breathe and be grateful when days aren’t perfect, I think I could make some serious progress!

  7. Thankful for the many ‘mothers’ I have had in my life, including the one that bore me. Thankful for this which made me laugh and which I will have to pass on to my own sons and the mother that bore them and shares them unstintingly with me.

  8. Candy, chocolate candy, and presents. I’m glad to see he has the basics down. Eventually the mom-gratitude will come, right? I’m hoping so. Let me know how that goes so I don’t get my hopes up for nothing over here.

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