Freshly Pegged: When Freshly Pressed Gets Stale

It was explained to me that WordPress selects the best of the best blog posts and features these elite writers on the front page of glory known as Freshly Pressed. I got Freshly Pressed one Friday a hundred years ago. I was sweet back then and very unsuspecting, so the whole ordeal led to a genuine display of gracious surprise. My modest reaction was that there must have been a technical glitch, an error accidentally the cause for my thrilling post on jackasses who use big words to make the rest of us feel dumb to snag a winning spot. Maybe WordPress meant to run an intellectual look at the sport of competitive dictionary recitation or something. I figured it was all a big misunderstanding. Little ol’ me with my little ol’ words.

I was Freshly Pressed a second time the following Friday. In one short week I caught whatever Lindsay Lohan has, lost my manners, and started to believe I was a blue ribbon blogger owed some cyber praise. I briefly considered changing my name to an exclamation point that only the hippest of blogging hipsters would know stood for The Bloggess Formerly Known As Tori. What can I say? Spiking stats make a girl get crazy. So when I realized my equally ridiculous post on how I skipped school and inadvertently killed my dog was featured this new, spotlight-hogging version of myself actually thought “Damn right. DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?”.

I know what you’re thinking, and don’t you worry. You needn’t kick my hoity toity ass because Karma works. My high and mighty self has spent these last years completely ignored by WordPress wizards. The universe understands that I’m not mature enough to win things without losing my mind. WordPress might’ve also caught that crude joke I might’ve made about hypothetically getting back-to-back Freshly Pressed accolades by doling out sexual favors. I take it they didn’t find that funny. Regardless of the reason, this little blog has remained mostly off the radar. I’d like to tell you I’ve grown and learned, reflected and matured from this experience. In some ways I’ve stopped Lohan-ing ( I still can never, ever find my underpants) and realized I can find fulfillment without mass attention. In other ways I’ve just been trying to act nice so someone will give me a prize. I still struggle with bitter resentments when a post about cats or a picture of food takes all the attention instead of my obviously award-worthy rant on potty training.

Today I’m still considered offensive to most WordPress staffers. I never get the fun Sunshine Blogger Awards from fellow writer folk because I’m like the mope-y Eeyore of the Interwebs. But finally, finally this week I am honored and (after a small foray into entitled) sincerely humbled to be Freshly Pegged.

freshlypegged2I like Peg-o-leg’s Ramblings so much that I immediately subscribed and stole her blog name. Her sense of humor and hilarious opinion posts keep readers hooked. Just when I thought I couldn’t think any more highly of Peg she outwardly confessed her inner angst against the Freshly Pressed machine. Peg perfectly writes about those private, proud moments when we write something so stinking superb that we are already composing tweets to let the world know “This here brilliance is about to get eight kinds of FP’ed” and the dismay that follows when WordPress shockingly says no thanks.I read along weeping a little, sure that she gets me. She really, really gets me.

Unlike me, Peg up and did something about it, and Freshly Pegged was born. Bloggers get a chance to toot their respective horns and share a post they think was worthy of the front page. Enjoy while I try to handle Freshly Pegged fame without getting cocky.

You can check out my post HERE.

For those of you stopping by for the first time, welcome. I’m not exactly delightful, but occasionally I’m decent. And for those of you faithful readers who follow despite my sad, empty trophy case, thanks… unless you want to send a trophy in which case I spell my name with an ‘i’ and that’d be cool, too.

How do you respond to blog attention (or lack thereof)?


51 thoughts on “Freshly Pegged: When Freshly Pressed Gets Stale

  1. Tori, aren’t you self-hosted on WordPress? If so, you can never, ever be Freshly Pressed. You lose that once you hop over the garden fence to the Dark Side. But if you AREN’t self hosted and you haven’t been FP’d? Whaaaaaat? I’ve been “Squished Flat” six times, and you are a MUCH better writer than I am. Seriously. I’m going to have to get the WP monkeys to start stalking you for fabulousness. Because you are. You really are.

    1. Not self-hosted. I probably need to be because the site is torinelson.wordpress.com, the blog title is The Ramblings, and my name is technically Tori Young. I’m actively making it impossible for people to find me 🙂

  2. It is unconscionable that your potty training post wasn’t FP. I say F them.

    I was FP only once, near the beginning of my blogging saga. They studiously ignore me now, too. I guess they think I am trying to sell my lady bits on my blog.

    Congrats on being Freshly Pegged.

  3. I’ve been FP’d thrice. This FP’d post of mine was absolutely a juggernaut, bringing about 5,000 views in its first day:


    But since those heady days, the people that choose the daily FP lot has changed, and the new team seems to have skewed away from everyday blogs like ours and more toward more serious and/or esoteric topics, and blogs from outside the US. I look over each day’s FP crop and have for a few years now. Until about 12-18 months ago, I wanted to read 3-5 of each day’s crop. Today it’s usually 0, maybe 1.

    1. That’s really funny because I’ve thought the SAME thing! I haven’t been interested in most of the FP articles. When I see a really good one I realize it’s a great blogger I already follow and a post I’ve already commented on!

  4. Well, I’ve never been FP either, never will be, that’s why I’ve created an option that will soon be launched.
    I like the Freshly Pegged idea lol
    I agree with Jim, blogs like mine are very unlikely to be FP, I rarely (never) talk about serious/deep/thoughtful subjects.

    1. When I get too serious people tend to think I’m suffering from a major depression. The less sensitive readers are all “WTF? I came here to LAUGH, sister!”. I’ve yet to figure out what makes something Freshly Press-able. The posts of mine that were chosen are ridiculous, and I am constantly finding amazing writing from other bloggers that doesn’t get the attention I wish it would.

  5. Congratulations on being Freshly-Pegged. I believe that is a higher honor than being Freshly Pressed. Of course I’ve never been either (grumble grumble) so what do I know? How do I respond to the lack of blog attention. Cry and write on, or hide for a while . . . right now I’m pondering giving it all up and going back to bed.

  6. Congratulations on being Freshly Pegged! It’s all sorts of better than Freshly Pressed.
    When I first started blogging, I made it my goal to be Freshly Pressed. I always looked to see what “Pressed” writers were blogging about. It was stressful and ridiculous, so I finally let it go. Would I like to be Freshly Pressed? Why, of course! But thinking about it was harshing my writing mellow and making me morph into whatever I thought would get me noticed. *yuck* Maybe that’s why I haven’t had the honor–I couldn’t hack the fame, man. Ha!
    So I just try to write things that resonate with me, that way even if no one reads it I can be proud that I was able to put a piece of myself into words. (Getting…too…deep. Must…stop…typing.)
    The reality is that I handle lack of blog attention the way any self-respecting writer would: with chocolate and wine.

    1. Wine heals. Chocolate tastes good. Perfect combination. I really made such a big deal when the FP compliments stopped pouring in. Then I realized that before I was FP no one read my blog save for my mom (My grandma found it mostly offensive) so any comments meant a serious improvement.

  7. The Linsday Lohan entitlement bit is right on. Freshly Pressed is like crack – after you get a couple of hits, you want more, more, MORE! And you think you deserve it. Then Fate says – nope.

    Thanks for classing things up over at my place, Tori. The old blog really looks spiffy with your words providing artful decoration.

  8. Never having posted anything worth attention (apparently) I do what any sane person would do. I keep starting new blogs. I figure if I have enough blogs out there, The combined total will resemble actually getting noticed. I am up to 5 now. Of course the lates is with a blogging god so I get to ride on his coattails. Besides it is about future torture and pain. What’s NOT to like! That sed, you certainly deserve the adoration of many, and it is good that the many occasionally remember that! Good job!

    1. I had a major mid-blog-life meltdown after the first few Freshly Pressed-less weeks. Then I realized my hands could still type and I didn’t just immediately have to stop writing even if the world’s whole population wasn’t reading. So I just write randomly and hope someone sees it 🙂

      1. I go with the assumption that NOBODY is actually reading. That way it is pure excitement when I get more than one reader haha

  9. I was Freshly Pressed once… for a political rant. Ne’er an accolade from the blog gods since. But you know what? I think Freshly Pegged is a better honor. I’ve seen some Freshly Pressed stuff that, frankly, did not deserve praise. But Peg-O is a brilliant curator of brilliance. And so I’m thrilled to see you among her peeps.

    1. It feels pretty special. If I think too hard about it I start to get insecure, like she accidentally sent an e-mail to the wrong Tori. I’ll take it like she meant it, though!

  10. Anyone who reads my blog knows that I write for myself. I’m dyslexic so for me to string a few sentences together is a real achievement. The idea that wordpress would ever notice me except to pat me on the head and say in a loud, slow and animated voice, “That’s very good Lisa. Keep up the good work,” is crazy. I’m sure they think I’m pretty dim so I’ve been thrown in the ‘not in a million years’ pile. The funny thing is, I know who the good writers are and I’m at those sites before wordpress. Just because I’m not a great writer doesn’t mean I don’t recognize real talent. You, Tori are at the top of the heap. I like the fact that you have an attitude and are a little irreverent. I’m glad you got freshly pegged. Congrats my friend!!

  11. I rarely ever click on Freshly Pressed for the same reasons Jim discusses above. I think everyday blogs like ours would appeal to a broader range of viewers – I know it’s what I enjoy reading personally. I used to make a concerted effort at getting Freshly Pressed, but gave up when I realized how ridiculous (and fruitless) that was. Now I’m just never-featured-anywhere me. But still, the most interesting people stumble upon my blogs: I have heard from Loretta Swit’s cousin, the grandchildren of the man who invented fettucini alfredo, and a representative from the Underwood Company, makers of deviled ham. Who could ask for anything more?!

  12. When I started blogging a year ago, big stats and the ever-elusive Freshly Pressed accolade were so important. Now, I’ve realized that regardless of what I post, there’s no formula for a huge day of readers- and I’ve stopped dreaming about getting FP’d. I just write. It would be fab to be featured, but if that’s my goal, it changes my writing… and not for the better.
    Truth: I still have my fingers crossed, though.

  13. You’re hysterical. I got FP’d once and it was quite dreamy. I can’t imagine back to back … I bet you were noddin’ like yeahhhh’btches, that’s right. Awesome. Glad I found your blog btw!

  14. I’ve been FP’ed either three or four times over the years. It’s a tremendous ego boost, that always bursts spectacularly (as my 3000 views a day post on the Oscars dwindles back to a fraction of that for things like whiny work stories). The moral: “let not your bloggy self worth be dependent on the kudos of strangers, my child. Unless it’s you’re biggest source of professional self promotion, then freak the hell out about it as much as you want! Or whatever. Do what works. Amen.”

  15. Dude. I can so identify with the curse of the double deuce Freshly Pressed. (Can you see my humble brag all the way in Nashville, Tori?) I am the Britney Spears to your LiLo. Let’s go party and not wear any underwear!

  16. For the longest time, I kept wondering why in the WORLD I never saw you get FP honors since I’ve known you. Apparently I just haven’t known you for long enough. Not that that changes anything.
    I’ve had the honor of being FP-ed twice but for the most part, I try to take it with a grain of salt. Sure, the editors are on the lookout for good posts but just because they think something’s good doesn’t mean I think it is (and vice versa). I follow people I think are good quality, regardless of their FP history. I’m glad other bloggers recognize this and are doing their own version of FP. You deserve all the attention you’re getting with being Freshly Pegged. 🙂

  17. I’ve never been freshly pressed! I’m gonna chalk it up to the fact that I’m self hosted and they don’t have access to my awesome-ness of a blog. Yep…that’s it!

  18. Aww tori… We can’t have everything in life. I already spend more time on my blog than I do painting which is very backwards… I think being freshly pressed would make me forget what a paintbrush is.

    I think your potty training should have made it because it made me laugh out loud when I was reading at work. Awkward when I’m meant to be writing about bridges…

  19. Haha! Congrats on Freshly Pegged! I can relate to the emotions and the ego boost of being Freshly Pressed…but I was Freshly Pressed only once, like over two years ago. It was a crazy ride and lots of fun for a few days and then I was ‘nobody’ again. I’m okay with being ‘nobody’, but I’d like to think that with over 500 posts now, the Freshly Pressed one wasn’t the only decent one 🙂

  20. I have a confession: For a while there, I wasn’t able to read your blog. Every time I came to your page, my computer would freeze up. Then I had to reboot. So I gave it some time and sure enough the interweb gods released my computer and I’ve since been able to read your blog again. I’m a happy camper again!

    I don’t EVER want to be Freshly Pressed. I don’t like that kind of notoriety. My spewing isn’t worthy anyway. I don’t have that talent.

    I hope you get “Pegged” some more! See, they like you, they really like you!

    1. Yikes & Sorry! My blog occasionally breaks people’s computers. If I were tech-minded at all I’d figure out what the problem is! Glad you are back and my site’s not messing with you 🙂 Also, you MORE than have the talent for FP. I’m starting to understand that I can be okay without it. For a while I worried that I would slowly go back to exactly zero readers, then I realized that’s okay, too!

    1. I can tell you right now I am in no way mature enough to handle “fame”. I would suck at being a celebrity. I went from down home, Gracious & Grits to psycho, ME ME ME Girl in about one minute!

  21. I was Freshly Pressed once. I was sitting at work watching my email for the five or six blog comment notifications I was used to getting. And the notifications came pouring in and I was SO excited and I wanted to tell someone… until I remembered that I don’t tell most people that I have a blog. Still, it was exciting. It’s kinda hard to go back to 5 or 6 comments after you get eleventy hundred of them on one post.

    Congratulations on getting Pegged!

  22. I’ve never been FP’d. For those who have, congrats! Tori, you said you were Lohan-ing. Well, if I were ever FP’d, I’d probably be Charlie Sheen-ing, thinking I’m the reason WordPress is even relevant. Great post!

  23. Maybe one day I will earn Freshly Pressed status, as one can only dream! Until then I blog in the shadows.

    Congrats to you on your accolades!

  24. Maybe FP should have categories so that other blogs could be considered worthy as well.
    Anyway, I loved reading your blog, first time visitor, but your writing style is right up my alley.
    Congratulations and much more success to you and all of the other bloggers busting their humps to be relevant or at least, interesting.
    Great job!

  25. Reblogged this on Rosetteismyname's Blog and commented:
    I don’t like the fresh pressed page. It used to look like a news paper. Now it looks, well… I don’t like just switching recently to the reccommended blogs section. I like a good story. I like a good title.

    I’ll repeat what I meant and what I said and how of what I stated. I like a good story. I like a good title. This title – says freshly pressed got stale without reading what was said. The stuff going or scrolling isn’t the most interest. After 124 posts or so, no fresh press than – but I don’t have 4,000 followers like this “ramblings” – cool. I said that on some of my earlier blogs. I was just rambling. Ding! got hit and cruel crimes are illegal. Random – no… whatever
    but intentionally offending and looking for terms like or specifics of non accuracy which I think they did at fresh press once. Stating that those that got fresh press did this one thing in the event they weren’t a good writer which then called bad writing, good. Well, “elite.” Elite?!
    word choice of elite writing. or Elite writer meaning just cause they are fresh pressed or not.
    If I buy premium or platinum purchases through wordpress, I am a platinum or premium writer?! 100 years ago…
    anyway, it looks good, caught my attention and I haven’t come across a blog for re-blogging in a while when I have, so…
    written – Rosette, zacie

  26. I’m not consistent enough to be noticed by the Freshly Pressed Gods…That, and my content is not on par with their thought process.

    Many of us were made to live on the side. I guess I am Luke Wilsoning it. I become prominent from time to time, but spend the majority of my time outside the public eye. (I did not do my research on Luke Wilson, but that’s the idea I get from him.)

  27. I think, on my biggest day, I had like 30 views. I haven’t been doing this long, but I try. I know I’m not likely to be Freshly Pressed any time soon, so I don’t mind. Side note: I was literally just on the Peg-o-Leg blog!

  28. This post is great! I’ve never been Freshly Pressed, and I put it down to the fact that I’m a new blogger, but like some others said, you look at those that have made it and you say huh? However, I did find you because you were recommended by the site under ‘humourous’.

    I blog on another site and one of my posts was chosen as a feature for the day. The hits increased exponentially, but in addition to the fact that the editorial team changed the title of the post, it was obvious that she didn’t quite understand what I was trying to say. LOL? It wasn’t meant to be funny.

    1. Oh yikes. I wouldn’t take too well to someone changing my title or content on me! All in all, being FP’ed was a lot of fun. I got to “meet” a lot of interesting people in the blogosphere. I think the high expectations AFTER Freshly Pressed messed me up. I think for a minute I just assumed that all that traffic and interest would stick around and it definitely fades a bit!

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