“Slice of Peace”? I’ll take seconds.

Since announcing the upcoming Tiny Spark Series a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been floored by the positive response and generous guest submissions. It feels a little like Christmas morning, checking my e-mail, unwrapping your message, seeing what gems of life experience so many of you are willing to  share. In less poetic terms: There’s a whole lotta light ’bout to shine, y’all.

Today I’m pleased to welcome the newest present waiting under the Tiny Spark Christmas tree. This gift’s name is Becky. I suspect her work will quickly be at the top of your holiday wishlist, and something tells me she could totally rock a bow.

Becky Matakas is the talented writer and artist behind The Grace In Life, a unique Etsy boutique of original artwork and inspirational words. A graphic designer by profession, Becky began to combine her eye for pretty things and her passionate belief in God and grace. What resulted is “a place to find inspiration and take a break from the hectic and the mundane.” In Becky’s words she hopes for her “original artwork, paired with inspirational words from many sources, to inspire your spirit…You are able to find a slice of peace, here, in The Grace in Life.”

Ah! Even her descriptions get you feeling a little zen. You’re already loving her, aren’t you?

In Becky’s shop as well as her blog, also The Grace In Life,  you’ll find a host of uplifting quotes from Scripture to modern-day authors. Grace In Life evolved, as most things do, out of a desire to send something good into the world.

Becky, of her creative process says, “First, I wanted to express the words in a beautifully visual way, and I’d use my graphic design sensibility to design and print the words with my laptop and printer. I’d print several copies and post them in different places around my home. Recently, I’ve felt a growing need to accompany those words with visual expression, in the form of abstract acrylic painting.The combination of the two – beautiful, life-giving words, with abstract expression – is what you’ll find in my shop.The paintings are my own. The saying are words that have inspired me personally. It is my hope that my pieces speak to your soul.”

Recently,  I stumbled upon her gorgeous painting featuring a favorite Anne Lamott quote. Needless to say it SHOUTED at my soul and encompassed just the message of mercy, the turning of bad to good that the Tiny Spark Series will center around.

“My passion for expressing myself in my blog has been fueled by a love and appreciation of inspirational spiritual writing by other great authors. I found myself drawn to certain sayings, quotations, and scripture passages. At times, I’d want to hold onto them for a day, or a week, or longer,” the artist blogger says.

And now you can hold onto a piece of the treasure for a day, or a week, or longer, too. See, Becky is the gift that keeps on giving.

In support of the Tiny Spark Series, Becky & The Grace In Life will be giving away an original “Mystery of Grace” masterpiece to one lucky reader.

How to win this artsy bit of wisdom?

Simple. Tune in for Tiny Spark posts from some of your favorite bloggers, friends, and authors starting Monday and running throughout December. Contribute to the conversation, shed a little light if you will, and one commentor (drawn at random) will walk away victorious (and with some mighty fine wall art, might I add). I told you you were going to love her.

A big thank you to Becky at The Grace In Life for being a part of a tiny blog series that will hopefully impact readers in a big, big way.

Like (or LOVE) The Grace In Life on Facebook

Check out Becky’s beautiful blog

Shop The Grace In Life for more lovely-inside-&-out artwork

To learn more about the Tiny Spark Series & how you can come on over to the light side click HERE.


32 thoughts on ““Slice of Peace”? I’ll take seconds.

    1. Oh girl, I just about bought everything in her Etsy shop. The Anne Lamott quote really stuck out because I’ve always loved that quote (even used it in my wedding vows)! Her blog is delightful, too!

  1. Like attracts like: it’s fitting you have found another who spreads beautiful messages; you are both being the change you want to see in the world, it’s inspiring!

    1. Awww super sweet, lady. I really enjoyed getting to talk, err, e-mail chat with Becky. She has such a peaceful, warm attitude about her. She is JUST what this series needed 🙂

  2. OK, I just got back from Becky’s Etsy shop and I just saw something I’d love to buy for a friend for the holidays. What a beautiful way to keep these inspirational gems in mind.
    Thank you for sharing her work!

    1. So glad you liked her shop! I loved her idea to put quotes over original paintings. Any person can type a quote, but her work really makes you feel like you’ve got a little inspirational masterpiece in your house 🙂

    1. I’m really excited about this. Originally I thought maybe I had a few friends who would write a little something, but the response has already been so huge. I can’t wait to share their stories here!

    1. Hahaha. Cha Cha Cha CHANGES! I’m glad you’re back from break. DOn’t ever leave us again. There was a definite shortage of critters and crayons in the blogosphere 🙂

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