Picky Picasso

“Art is not so much expressing oneself, as it is discovering oneself.” – Anawanitia

An afternoon of fingers stuck and smeared in paint and other things.

A true artist digs deep for inspiration,  plucks a small piece from  his soul and flicks it onto canvas.


44 thoughts on “Picky Picasso

    1. Now I’m so curious it’s going to KILL me! I will definitely save this for future blackmailing purposes. I have a few other shots I snuck when he decided to prance about the house in mom’s pointy toed ankle boots. If you have never seen a mini hooker in a polo shirt you are really missing something 🙂

    1. Extra cute and EXTRA EXTRA BIG. We just bought him new winter clothes. By the time they arrived in the mail he needed at least a size bigger. Poor kid’s already the size of an average 5/ 6-year-old 🙂

  1. LMAO! Yet again, a breath of fresh air after a myriad of challenging student essays. (Although I don’t seem to be the only one breathing easy. hehehe) 🙂 Maybe I would have finished my dissertation faster if I would have only followed Thomas’s method!

  2. Ahhaha, hilarious, I foresee years of successful bribery at the hands of these pictures! And you are hereby obligated to unveil this last gem at his wedding!!

    1. He was digging for treasure for sure. I was snapping away, picture after picture to document his fingerpainting genius and then, just simply, it was booger hunting time 🙂

  3. Pretty sure that last picture proves he’s a genius artist in the making because artists aren’t shy about expressing themselves, even if the world doesn’t quite understand. 😉 He’s a cute kid!

    1. Awesome point! Really this post is a shameless attempt to make light of the fact that I let my kid pick his nose. I could teach him not to, teach him a little about personal hygeine and manners, but that would be stifling his artistic flame, right?

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