Halloween Hangover

The boy was perfectly well behaved.

Mama got chocolate wasted.

How did you spend  Halloween?


34 thoughts on “Halloween Hangover

  1. This was the very first Halloween in 33 years that have ever not gotten chocolate wasted. (I only had 4 pieces of my son’s candy. Such restraint!) As much as I’m enjoying not having a sugar hangover, it feels like the end of an era. Responsibility, why have come so soon?

  2. We have a 3-week-old baby. We did nothing. We wondered how soon we could go to sleep. On the plus side, any trick-or-treaters were greeted at the door by two very realistic-looking zombies!

    1. Oh man. I am impressed that you are typing… whole sentences… in English! Mostly all I remember from those first weeks as a mom is drooling. Even my face was worn out! Wishing you and the lady LOTS of naps soon.

  3. I have no cute children to dress up, and live too far out in the middle of nowhere to get any trick-or-treaters. I ate too many candy bars anyway, just so I could join in the merriment of the post-holiday chocolate hangover. Erp.

    1. I was horrified (totally excited) to see that most of the kids didn’t stop by our house. We returned home to find a giant bowl of candy still sitting on the porch. I hate that I have to be the one to eat it all, but somebody’s got to do the right thing 🙂

  4. We reached equilibrium, sort of. The wife is getting better from her flu, I’m continuing my gradual downhill slide. But I did get into the Halloween spirit – I actually had some really nice piles of bloody paper towel! And it looked so real, since it had been inside of my finger just moments before! 😀
    Nothing serious, just a “handyman” accident. The home maintenance gods often require fresh blood to be appeased. My gods should be pretty cool for at least a month! 😉

      1. I kept the gore inside, no worries. And we had no kids come to the door. Supposedly, we were supposed to stand streetside to hand out candy – down 15′ worth of stairs, in 40-degree windy drizzle. Yeah – right. Make the soon-to-be-50-year-old gimp hike down his stairs and freeze his butt off, just to give 2 or 3 kids some of his hard-earned candy? Make the little punks EARN it, come to the door! It’s what I had to do as a kid, it’s good enough for them!
        Besides, they can’t claim it’s to protect the kids from weird old farts – I drive those kind out of the neighborhood by out-weirding them! 😀

    1. The similarity to drinking moonshine is uncanny. Eating my weight in delicious bite-size candybars felt like a party. It was just a ton of fun. I woke up this morning shocked to see the destruction I’d caused (wrappers EVERYWHERE) and feeling like I might need my stomach pumped 🙂

  5. Aw! I love the balancing act picture best of all. I didn’t have any Halloween plans, but when my bro-in-law mentioned my 11mo niece was going trick-or-treating, it occurred to me Li’l D should also get a shot at it. Which was FABULOUS! ♥

    1. My late-night trick-ot-binge session started out really, really fun. Then I got to the strange moment where my head was all “If you eat one more Snickers you are gonna barf” and I JUST. KEPT. EATING. I think I blacked out after that. Today I’m sticking to toast, Sprite, and Advil.

    1. The boy hooked mama up or sure. Apparently our neighbors are unaffected by the failing economy and handed out full-size candy bars. God bless their wealthy hearts! We definitely went the cheap Dum-Dum sucker and Sweet Tarts route.

  6. Aw, cute costume! (The tampon would’ve been interesting, but I guess a fireman works okay, too :)) Our Halloween was fun, but I’ve been soaring on a sugar high since. You know, just because I have to keep up with the kids!

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