Vlogging… Is For Vloggers

Well, I feel just awful. I seem to have confused you with a promise of a video blog about rhythmic jogging. I can see why you guys thought I was serious. I’m known for my wicked slick dance moves, and also….

… obviously you’ve come to know me as a serious, serious athlete. I do water aerobics sometimes, y’all, like a champion.  In truth, I was joking, but your immediate belief in my groove-sprinting capabilities made me think:

1. You are crazy.

2. And I like it.

Problems with a vlogging a vlog-like vlog about running range from small hiccups like the fact that I don’t know how to video tape things and- really- I can barely figure out this widgety old blog to larger issues such as the one about my not being able to run for more than 30 seconds at a time without faking an asthma attack in order to justify quitting. It’s true. I’m technologically defective, and it only takes about two strides before things get ugly (insert heavy mouth-breathing here).

Really, the major announcement behind the post I aptly titled “Announcement!” is that I have nothing to announce. No new news, just a busy schedule as of late and a few odd photos of men milking cows that I was just so anxious to share!

Coming real soon (after a nap, and you know, all that business I was talking about) I’ll be adding some new, probably vlog-less segments to the blog. A little about parenting, a lot about urban dance battles, and just about everything in between. My question for you, tiny dance joggers, is what interests you most. I realize my original plan to devote this blog to various public performances of “Gangsta’s Paradise” might not keep you entertained. For those of you who have been around this circus de crazy for a while, I’d love some input.

What should this rambler ramble on?

P.S. Kind of very much wanting to actually vlog about rhythmic jogging now.

P.P.S. How sure are you that the “Gangsta’s Paradise” thing is an awful idea because

P.P.P.S. it still seems like the right thing to do.

25 thoughts on “Vlogging… Is For Vloggers

  1. What interests me doesn’t interest many other people on earth. (Hormones talking. Hey. Those interest me. BECAUSE THEY WON’T GO AWAY.)

    I think adding some sort of recurring post to the blog that carries on the bloggy wedding theme would be fun for readers. Like, you want to take Tom out for some milestone, but you let readers decide what you do.

    Regardless, I enjoy reading your blog, Tori.

    1. You’ve seriously made me want to write a series about peeing. The only problem is that I don’t travel and I don’t know how exciting I can make 10 posts about going #1 at Wal-Mart :)

  2. I’m already practicing my version for your “Round The World Gangsta” Vlog tour. “Power and the money…money and the power…minute after minute…hour after hour…”

  3. Very clever plea for someone to throw you a writers’ block life line. Since I have no clue how to even attempt a vlog, let alone a jog lasting more than 3 minutes (yes – you read that right. I am now up to 3 MINUTES running on the treadmill. Followed by 20 minutes of strolling.), I got nothing here, Tori.

    1. Listen, 3 minutes is something. If I can listen to music (to drown out the sound of my near-death panting) I can ALMOST run that far. Still waiting for Cake to become an Olympic sport :)

  4. ha ha ha As a blonde who’s very used to being confused, I’m not surprised I was in the Confused Camp on this one, too! I think honey badger would give a shiz when it comes to you doing a vlog, though. ;)

    As for topics to write about – I’d read ANYTHING you wrote about! A topic of particular interest to me right now is how people made the decision to have kids. I just bought a whole book of writer’s essays on the topic, but haven’t read it yet!

    1. I’m going to have to second Mark on this one.

      Failing that, I’m kinda curious about your favorite toys from childhood. This is the first thing that comes to mind only because twin My Little Pony babies stand guard around my office monitor. Because, yes, I am mature like that.

      1. Ahhh, I loved some Little Ponies! I was the phsyco kid who butchered all their manes and drew on their eyeballs with lipstick. My therapist thinks this detail is important but I insist I just liked the transformative power of Cover Girl Red Ruby Matte Lip Plumper.

    1. Haha! I suppose a few vagina posts wouldn’t kill anybody. If these poor boy readers haven’t run screaming from my blog yet, I can probably write about anything :)

    1. Thanks, Janna. I feel a little ridiculous. I have whole notebooks filled with post ideas, but then I sit down to write and it’s all “duhhhh, ummmm, duh, ummm”.

  5. All this vagina talk is starting to get me down. Woops, wrong choice of words, sorry.

    You know me, sista, I like when you get all urban and street up he-ya on your blozzle.

    No, I pretty much like everything you do. The everyday stuff is so relatable for every one, I think.

    1. Tru thug fo life, homie. This just in: Some guy from the Politically Correct Board of Politcal Correctness just called to tell me we are far too stiff and suburban to use street talk. My response? Bro be trippin.

      The vagina talk can get a little gross even for me… and I’ve pretty much had one all my life.

  6. I think pretty much anything / everything you write about is hilarious, Ms. N.
    And I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want me to suggest subject matter.
    Because I’ve been blastin’ and laughin’ so long that even my moma thinks that my mind is gone.

  7. Wish I could throw you a line, Tori, but my life is so one track right now, all I can think of is “harbour?” BOO!

    Allow me to seventh the motion for you to write more about vaginas. Sure thing– I’ll read it!

    1. Haha. If only I was creative enough to incorporate vaginas AND harbours in one giant post. I suppose I could get all metaphorical and toss out something about birth canals as the waterway from womb to life… On second thought, I just grossed myself out. Maybe I’ll just stick to plain old lady part talk :)

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