tiny pants/ BIG DEAL

I am posing in a rocking pair of hot pink shorts and a too-big neon tank top. I hear the slouchy “boyfriend” look is in, so the droopy shirt is practically on trend… if only I had a ridiculously color-blind and feminine boyfriend to trust for hand-me-downs. My newly short hair is jutting out from new angles so it’s mostly modern with a hint of sloppy. Also I hear “grunge” was a trend sometime in the last year or century, so, again, totally on point with the fashions and such. These crusty-crust feet of mine haven’t seen a pedicure tub since being polished for a wedding that seemed like a decade ago. More vogue adn grunge. And my ensemble du jour is preciously accented with a giantly cheap, rhinestone, heart-shaped ring that I meant to take off yesterday (or on my 12th birthday). Sometimes a girl gulps too much soda and spoonfuls of salt and rings are sealed into permanence on a girl’s puffy digits. All of this is to say that obviously, OBVIOUSLY, I’m an avid reader of fashion blogs. Just, obviously.

In truth I am one of a select group of women who are completely befuddled by bling and beauty and such. The last time I read and applied fashion tips to my homely self I got stuck, belly-down on the floor of a Target dressing room in a pair of this season’s hottest cigarette pants.[ Note: They totally don’t come with a pack of complimentary smokes and if your size is something greater than zero, the sleek cigarette vibe is totally lost. It’s more along the lines of having plump, stubbed out cigars for thighs.] I digress.

Naturally, I considered it quite a feat when blogger, Karla Courtney, stormed the internet with a fashion blog I actually liked and loved and decided to follow every single day.  Of course, the whole thing involved more toddler sizes than taut dresses and more fun than fierce Tyra Banks eyes. Tiny Sartorialist is a funny take on the more hoity-toity fashion blog The Satorialist which follows European rich folks around in their outfits typically ranging in price from How Much I Spend To Feed & Clothe & Shelter My Family to I Filed For Bankrupcy So I Could Get This Leopard Print Jacket.

Tiny Sartorialist is, well, tinier. Karla writes from the perspective of her wee one, Marshall Ace, and gives his take on toddler style and world travel and having a mom who is prone to random outbursts of cartwheels. The result is a fresh, artistic, and super approachable look at the harshly hemmed world of fashion from a little dude’s eyes.

via Tiny Sartorialist
This picture was taken… and then I ate Marshall up like a cute cupcake.

 Are you in love yet? If not you are missing a soul. This week Tiny Sartorialist is up against some pretty stiff (no, really, stiff, starched, and seriously ready to tell you to spend your rent on designer coin purse) competition for an Australian blog award. Marshall Ace and his tiny, stylish pants are in a category with fashionistos far beyond his years, and how cool would it be for the fun-loving, Marhsall & Mom to take home the prize?

The answer is really cool. If you like smiling or toddlers in green jeans or really just happiness of any sort, I hope you’ll check out this top-notch blog from Down Under. And if you love what you see (which you will), I hope you’ll click HERE to cast your vote and help the smallest Sir Couture win big.

Now dish: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever forced your kid to wear?

Mine was pretty simple… and he’s trying to get Karla to adopt him as we speak.

32 thoughts on “tiny pants/ BIG DEAL

    1. Right? I’ve loved this blog for a long time, mostly because I can’t get over what a fun concept it is. The tag line still cracks me up: I’m a baby. And a fashion blogger.

    1. I read a post on her site the other day about Marshall’s green skinny jeans. I forgot that I’m not exactly a toddler or remotely hip. That was an awkward shopping trip for sure :)

  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing this link. I myself am also stymied by fashion most of the time and cigarette pants are not even an option. Do they make them large enough to fit over my butt? Or in maternity sizes?

    1. Hahaha, and you’d STILL look suave! Her cartwheels certainly are impressive. In the rare chance I can pull one off, it rarely looks so light and jovial. There’s always an injury!

  2. How cute! Good luck to TS in the competition.

    While I really admire the skills needed to produce that fashion-in-the-strobe-light interpretation of Hop on Pop, looking at it brought on a seizure.

  3. I don’t have to “force” my kids to wear crazy things. My little one sports a military hat embedded with sequins quite often – and when my son was a little bit smaller – before he realized he needed to be a ‘dude,” he favored the pink boa from the costume box.

    1. Haha! That’s the I Can Do Bad All By Myself mentality I tend to live by! My boy is in the “Gender What???” stage now and it’s fun. I love how carefree he is about wearing mommy’s high heels. It will be a sad day when he’s too “manly” to dress up!

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