37,361 Words (Give or Take Some Thousands)

I can’t believe none of you have told me to shut the pie hole and zip and then can the proverbial “it”.

 I suspect it’s because you’re all so nice. But as the old adage goes, nice guys finish last have to trudge through thousands of words and words and more words just to get the real, one-sentence point of the matter.

Maybe it’s the finger cramp that’s been plaguing me for a whole hour or a divine revelation that sometimes I can’t say it best (even with record-breaking word counts) because today is your lucky day. I sat to write a post about our recent wedding reception. It was an adjective-by-adjective play-by-play of every sneeze and toe tap that occurred within a 100-mile, 4-hour radius of the shindig. To summarize, it was the opposite of easy reading. We’ll call it Chinese Wordy Torture for accuracy’s sake. I would tell you about the drunken slap-fight, and how it never happened, and how Tom considered this lack of violence the wedding’s greatest victory, and how I considered this a secret disappointment, and how the only aggressive thing that went down was my incredibly aggressive dancing, and how I tried to show my toddler the Nashville skyline, and how it turned into a lunatic reenactment of Michael Jackson dangling Blanket so he could kiss some fans 100 feet below, and how we hitched a ride on a bicycle taxi at night’s end, and how we realized we didn’t have money because we’d just paid for a wedding, and how the hipster cabbie was kind enough to let us pose on his bike, and how after a few snaps of the camera he was all “Seriously, bro and ho, get off my bike”. I’m out of breath just thinking about all the run-on sentences I was about to crank out. But no! Today is a lucky day, when the fabulous photos of Celi Mosley can speak a thousand words a piece and handle the rambling for me. Celi says in Swedish that you are all eight kinds of welcome.

So there you have it, the  37,360 word post minus some words and plus some serious *pretty.

*See the pretty up close! Click to enlarge pictures.

28 thoughts on “37,361 Words (Give or Take Some Thousands)

  1. Who needs words when you have pictures like THOSE? Holy better-than-fairytale-cause-it’s-real wedding.
    Yet, since I do love words, loved your rambling words just the same; particularly the part about Tom loving the non-violence and you secretly missing it – you’d think your boy on the bike could have arranged something in the way of a small slap.

  2. First of all, congrats!

    What lovely photos. Looks like fun was had by all!

    (returning the favor from this morning… thanks for stopping by my blog!)

  3. These pics are frame worthy! Love the pic of you and tom smooching and the pic of lil Tom and you by the sky line! So beautiful!

  4. It all came together perfectly. Photos are amazingly artistic. You and your posse made some mad choices.

    Looks like everyone was poppin’ droppin’ lockin’ that wedding cake, fo shizzle!

  5. The one run-on sentence you did produce does a lovely job of summarizing what the pictures show so beautifully. Your photographer is world-class! Next time I get married I’m doing it in Nashville.

  6. So beautiful. So full of love. So precious. Thank you for sharing every step of the way with all of us! Congratulations to you and your new family! xoxo

  7. I absolutely LOVE the sign in the first pic, Tori. Very cool way to tie your wedding in to the downtown Nashville music scene. If I ever get married again, I’m stealing that idea.

    I’ll have to remember to change the names, of course…

  8. Echoing the comment about the wedding sign. PERFECT! I’m also in the club that could look at these pictures all the time. Looks like a fabulous, completely perfect afternoon! 🙂

  9. Beautiful! What a gorgeous wedding. You look beautiful! And your photographer–what talent. Thankful for the break from the words–mostly because it’s early and I find it hard to read before, well, noon at least. I am, however, great at oohing and ahhing any time of day.

    1. What a compliment coming from you! I’ve said that a million times in the few weeks we’ve had the photos. Of anyone who pitched in for the wedding, Celi really worked her butt off.

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