Apparently, A Music City Wedding Needs Music. Apparently.

Two weeks before the Big Day, our favorite urban cowboy rock star had to cancel. He was technically the third musician we had booked to play a live set before and during the ceremony. So, I handled the dissappointing change in plans as I had the two times before: I laid facedown on the floor and wept-sang the lyrics to “All By Myself”. It seemed like the exactly right thing to do at the time, although three days later I realized I’d only succeeded in giving myself carpet-induced asthma and I still didn’t have some musical talent to light up Music City’s night sky come wedding time.

With our last hope of jam session booked on tour dates states away, we were sent the name of a guy that might be able to help us out. And we shall call him Garry Wood, Acoustic Jam Lord & Banjo Savior.  So, mostly he just goes by Garry and leaves out the whole holy surname, but he was a saving grace nonetheless. Garry, the boy part of Nashville’s boy/girl duo The Bird & The Bear, swooped in just days ahead of time to fill the twangy shoes of our beloved and busy Dakota Jay. Garry took care of it all, assuring us that he could handle the strange set list and stranger setting. With that, I made a plea to Johnny Cash and also Mick Jagger that this Garry Wood of Bird & Bear fame would be the fourth and final and most awesome answer to our prayers .

The new EP “Breathe”

For those keeping count, Garry would be the second person in attendance who I never met ahead of time. He was, much like the first stranger friend, better than I could have ever hoped for.

Garry set up a guitar and banjo set with his friend and co-vocalist before guests arrived. As they trickled in the boys started a sweet rooftop concert to keep the masses entertained while waiting for the whole marriage part to get underway. We picked a host of ridiculously random songs and from what I’m told, Garry performed each perfectly, even including a surprising beat-box solo amid banjo plucks on Ben Harper’s “Steal My Kisses“.  To cue the ceremony’s start, Garry played a Spring rendition of the Avett Brother’s “January Wedding“. The groomsmen walked in to M. Ward’s “Here Comes The Sun Again“, and the ladies followed to the whistle-happy tune of Brandi Carlile’s “If There Was No You“. The grand finale, for me, was when Garry, in all his infinite whiteness, got straight up and downright funky to Matt Kearney’s “Hey Mama” for our exit.

It was a far fall from Cloud 9 when I realized I’d only asked Garry and his string-busting talent to play a pre-ceremony concert. Apparently, (I suspect this is written in small print in some really second-rate bridal guide) you’re supposed to treat guests to music all night. Apparently, (who knew?) people don’t like to party in absolute and awkward silence. Ah, small details. To handle the Quiet Mouse Reception issue, I did what every bride does and looked on-line for a DJ. It went like this:

“And just a little Celine,” this gel-haired psycho insists.

“No. Like I said before, none of that,” I reply.

“Trust me. You’ll want a little Celine. And probably some club remixes. I’ve got mad club beats,” he persuades.

I couldn’t shake the sudden horrific image of the young dude fist-pumping, sweat dripping down his open-chested sequin shirt, a Lady Killer in his eye-watering cologne inappropriately called Hot Bod. He flipped through several standard oldies, then onto hip-hop ruckus, and slipped in, yes, three Celine Dion ballads before I run from the coffee shop. My ear drums were barfing.

So, there we were, just a few weeks before our Music City Wedding without a clue as to how to bring the music to the party. With our somewhat strange personal favorites too indie or obscure for most DJs to get pumped about, and with our all-consuming fear of said DJs actually getting pumped and accidentally turning the low-key event into a Ladies’ Night at the local Pop’N’Grind nightclub, we finally settled on a less traditional approach. Less traditional? I know you can hardly believe it.

With an iPod already packed full of our weird and wonderful favorites, venue staff arranged for a couple of heavy-duty speaker things, I sorted the songs into separate playlists for first dance music, cocktail music, and barefoot & brave-after-many-cocktails music, and we all called it a wedding day. It was the least thought I’d put into any wedding decision, and being as such, it was probably the most sound decision made. And speaking of sound, my personal Apple DJ was a hit. He didn’t have gel hair or a sequin shirt and – by the grace of God and Garry Wood- the iPod never met a Celine Dion semi-French/ full-sap track it liked.

Guests wined and whiskey-ed and dined to the harmonies of The Civil Wars (“I’ve Got This Friend“), acoustic blues/ hit with the toddlers “You Are My Sunshine“, a little Citizen Cope, “If There’s Love“, and some Canadian for good measure (“Mushaboom” by Feist). As odd as the line-up, each song had a relaxed, Americana feel that somehow, sans strobe lights and fist-pumping, totally worked. By totally worked, I mean kids fed a nutritious supper of rock candy and soda will dance to just about anything.

Of course, the real entertainment starts when the grown fools kick off their shoes and get hit with the funky bug. We amped up the music after dinner to include random pop hits like Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” and Hanson’s “Give A Little“. Then we said sorry to the music gods for playing such generic candy pop by throwing in some Rolling Stones “Start Me Up” and Etta James “My Dearest Darling“. Perhaps the most inexplicable is that Tom and I don’t really listen to country music. At least we haven’t listened to country music from the last 30 years. To keep things a little retro and southern, we did include some of our country back when country, you know, sounded like country: Everly Brothers “‘Til I Kissed You” and any and everything from Johnny Cash. Newer bands like The Lumineers, The Weepies, and Augustana got in some cool songs, with the remainder of the evening playing a steady flow of strangeness: G.Love, Kings of Leon, Coldplay, Brandi Carlile, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Ben Harper, The Avett Brothers, and some Roy Orbison to boot. Proving that age ain’t nothing but a number, adults fed a nutritious supper of beer and wine will also dance to just about anything.

Mimi: Frequently drops it like it’s hot, as it were.

This is the part where I shock you with my hypocritical choice of Celine’s Titanic theme song as our first dance soundtrack. Kidding (and, again, ear drums barfing). Tom and I took the floor as Mr. and Mr.’s Legitimate Baby Mama Under The Eyes of Law & Such to Patty Griffin’s “Heavenly Day”. It was a sweet few minutes alone with my favorite dude…. until someone let my dad loose. The White-Haired Wonder stormed the checkered dance floor ready to rip open a can of funk. Technically, we danced to Otis Redding’s “That’s How Strong My Love Is”. Some suspect the happy-toed Father of The Bride was in fact dancing to some version of “Jungle Boogie” playing in his very, very groove-tastic head.

“The smile on your face, I’ve been longing to see. It’s enough for me. It’s enough for me.”


Thomas throws some junk in his trunk on the dance floor.

In the end, Shakespeare had it right when he said “Shake what yer mama gave ya! Hollaaaaaa!” and also “If music be the food of love, play on”.  From our fourth friend, Garry and his last-minute talents to the freebie DJ services of one Mr. Apple I. Pod, the soundtrack to our night in Music City was just weird enough to sound right.

What is your favorite, funky wedding song?

The weirder the better, so get to cyber-singing in the comment section!

:::Dance-Break Alert:::

Click HERE to listen to the full Cocktail Music playlist & HERE to listen to the booty-shaking Reception songs.

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28 thoughts on “Apparently, A Music City Wedding Needs Music. Apparently.

  1. I threw some MMMBop off in our wedding mix LOL gotta have and Hanson bro in there. I’m loving all your pics in this wedding recap!

    1. YES! That’s my girl. I am one of the few people who is completely unashamed to be a Hanson Super Fan. Definitely went to there concerts when I was 9…. and 17. Hey, when something’s catchy, it’s catchy. Right?

      1. shoot girl what you talking about, i still go to their concerts every time they are in town. I still love all their old music and most of their new stuff is pretty catchy to.

  2. I think the weirdest song played at my wedding was Mortal Kombat….. But I loved every second of it, because I too had my iPod as my DJ…. I guess technically it was an iPad, and it was Caitlin’s…. but it still counts!

    1. Also? It definitely crossed my mind to throw in some “Woop! There It Is” and try to squeeze into that clown costume from Cathy’s. Lucky for Tom my hips have pretty much outgrown the bouncy clown pants 🙂

  3. It sounds like you had a lovely night! I’m glad Garry helped you out with the ceremony music (and iPod took care of the rest.)

    I was married before iPods were around, so we had a DJ. I can’t remember what songs we played – that was fifteen years ago!

    1. I actually really wanted a DJ. I definitely thought it would be too much fuss to do our own music, but we could NOT find one who wasn’t a cheese ball and wanted to play anything besides club music. In the end, I actually loved the simple iPod. It was free, and we got to be in charge of what we danced to!

  4. Well, I got married to the off-key warbles of my kayaking guides singing the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Apparently, “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” is our wedding song. Awkward much?

      1. Big secret: I didn’t actually see the movie until LAST YEAR! Everyone else was in on the jokes except for me. 😦

  5. The pics of the kids dancing on linoleum are just awesome, tori!!!!!! We lived in Clarksville for a few years and we used to ride our motorcycles to nashville all the time- I love the seeing the pictures because I feel like I’ve ridden the streets below that skyline so many times! I wish you recorded your “All By Myself” rendition…

    1. Girlllll, I didn’t record my weepy solo probably because you wouldn’t have been able to understand the lyrics anyways. It really was more weeping than singing 🙂 And Clarksville!?!? My sister lives out there and it is gorgeous!

    1. Oh we are, too! I cared about the music more than the dress or the flowers or just about anything. We just so happen to like kind of off-beat stuff, so the DJ thing didn’t work out. Lucky for me, the venue had a wireless mic, so my sister handled announcing things… and then the kids sang over the loud speaker 🙂

  6. What a fun and lovely description of a fun and lovely event.

    Once we were locked in the mortal combat of married life for sure, our first dance as man & wife was to “Mack the Knife”. Word. We had a little jazz combo directed by a red-haired hippie named Charlie Brown – honestly. One of my friend’s dad who was at the reception was a musician who just so happened to have his sax in the trunk of his car. He sat in with the boys all night and was as happy as a clam, may he rest in peace. It will be 30 years ago this fall.

  7. Wow. My recognition rate of acts was ZERO until you got to Johnny Cash and Etta James. There, but for the Rolling Stones, went I, clueless.
    Congrats. You’re the second person in a week to use music titles to make me feel friggin’ ANCIENT. I think I owe you a mix tape of Spike Jones and the Village People in retribution. 😉

  8. Ooooh love these musical suggestions – I LOVE the Weepies & Avett Bros, But I’ve read this post over and over and still can’t find the mention of the Bird Dance…

  9. Ha! Reminds me of the Celine Dion show skit from SNL…
    ‘Eh! I am Franch Canadiaan, I am really skeeenny, and guess what? I am de best singer… in de worl’
    No glow sticks, Ms. N?!
    *unch unch unch*

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