Four Weddings & A Roadtrip

Plus or minus three-ish weddings. Okay, so maybe just exactly one wedding. Math was never my thing.

I’m chugging on down to Georgia today for what’s sure to be the beautiful wedding of my beautiful cousin, Lanie,  this weekend. I played an integral part in almost getting her kidnapped as kids. It’s cool. She had the sense to say no that rickety van full of imaginary puppies. So, in a weird way, I’m off to watch her life’s SECOND happily ever after. Something tells me this happy ending will involve more dancing and – fingers crossed!- fewer baby snatchers.

See? The kids are kind of, sort of, mostly OK.

Happy Wedding Eve to my sweet, sweet lady cousin friend, and I’ll see you lovely ramblers first thing Monday. We’ve still got a party, your crazy creative contributions, and some bad, bad life decisions to talk about.


14 thoughts on “Four Weddings & A Roadtrip

    1. We did have safe travels (wouldn’t let my mom drive/ stops in middle of raging interstate) and fun times (did you know there is such a thing as a 3-Day Hangover?).

    1. Hahahaha best compliment ever, and also NO! I tried to market myself as a strictly Running Man model, but apparently people don’t really need too many pictures of that kind of stuff. It wasn’t meant to be I guess 🙂

  1. Hooray! Wish we could make it to the wedding tomorrow. And I really, really hope Lanie doesn’t kill you for putting up that photo of you two. Happy wedding day, Lanie!

  2. I never listened to my mother when she told me my face would get stuck like that.
    *shakes head sadly*
    And now…
    it’s a struggle.
    Congratulations to your cousin! Have a safe and fun trip, Tori!

    1. Haha. I have to use a special cream to unstick this facial mess nightly. It really is a disability 🙂
      The wedding was awesome, and (until the cocktails kicked in) I mostly avoided scaring her guests with my rabid facial expressions!

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