When you let blog readers plan your wedding…

…You are reminded, once again, that there is no concept so crazy that the creative force of a few hundred brilliant minds can’t mold the wacky into something quite spectacular. When the decision was made to pass the decision-making on to The Ramblings readers, the out-of-the-box method of planning for this out-of-the-box wedding took some off guard. In this instance, some means mostly all breathing things, as my friends, many strangers, and even my skeptical dog passed me doubtful looks. “It isn’t your day if you have no say in it!,” I’ve heard so many times. Runners up “Is this a joke?” and “You’ve lost your ever-lovin’ mind” also made appearances. My dog simply barked and went about the business of licking her privates, but I heard her think “You idiot” pretty loud and clear.

Over the last few months of reader-led planning, I’ve often wondered why these remarks don’t seem to faze me. I’ve looked in the mirror and challenged myself to get pissed and take a white-knuckled grip of the process like any tulle-crazed bride would do. We’re told a normal bride should fuss and wave a finicky hand over napkins the wrong shade of eggshell. We’re made to think that the position of bride ought to be filled by a girl with demands and preferences and lists of tasks for others a mile long. We watch television shows where tormented bridesmaids submit to lunatic women in veils, and everyone of us accepts that this as the routine of getting wed as much as we wonder why no one threw a life vest to the clearly doomed groom. But like watching my son look up skybound in search of the wind on a sunny day, I just couldn’t feel anything other than purely happy about it. There is something to be said for tradition, yes, but there is some kind of wonderful found in trusting a community of strangers, of your closest friends, to craft a masterpiece for you. It is a big smack of love, a deep-bellied laugh, a lesson in blind faith, and reassurance that people are just so darn good. So today we take a look back at how far we’ve come, wedding planners. Here is the wackycookycrazybackwardsuniquelycircus wedding you’ve planned thus far:



At some point you have to trying to put things in order and focus instead on celebrating the strange, strange spot you are standing in today. In a world of First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, After Sanctifying Marriage Under Jesus & The Law Comes A  Legitimate Baby In A Baby Carriage it seems we missed the memo. One baby and several years later, the wedding just now occurred to us. And because the Big (little) Day should be a reflection of the couple’s personality, we are embracing the absurd and celebrating all things odd and unique. True to our love of creativity, it was the perfect choice to have YOUThe Ramblings’ readers, plan our little Love Party.

How does this work?

Good question. It seems no bride is insane (or genius?) enough to have tested these bloggy waters before. Weekly I will feature a post allowing you to vote for your favorite option of the day (colors, invitations, best songs to watch your dad drunk-dance to, etc.).  Check this page to follow the wedding plans as they come together! Creativity is key, so a little poll here and there won’t nearly do the trick. Each Bloggy Wedding post is also an open forum for your ideas, stories from memorable weddings past, and your always funny comment banter.

Here is some insight into how chronic heartburn turned into a baby, a proposal, and a very wacky idea for planning a wedding via blog!


Date: April, 2012

A retro, southern shindig amid the buzz and twang of downtown Music City

Location: Aerial Nashville: Rooftop venue overlooking Broadway.

Color Scheme: Readers voted for icy blue + orangey red

 Readers help with Wedding-In-A-Word: a personalized banner featuring readers’ words to summarize marriage. While “End. Life.” didn’t quite make the cut, you offered so many other fantastic words to help describe The Big (little) Day!

The Basic Concept

 Plus your lovely input…

{Just a taste}

Wordle: bloggy

Bloomin’ Boots courtesy of Kathy @ Reinventing The Event Horizon & Reader, Britney P. will act as funky, Southern centerpieces on some of the tables.

Readers share their all-time favorite songs for a little barefoot, wedding groove.

Vintage Nashville postcards will act as (cheapy, cheapy, McCheapy Pants) fun Save The Date cards for guests!

Reader’s chose Fabric Stencil custom PDF invitations from Amy Adams at {a} Printables

I botched the vote so the Runner Up Winningest Loser Fabric for those invitations was (kind of) chosen by readers, too!


     I hope you’ll stick around and ride this crazy train all the way to the altar with me. A high-five and a celebratory toast of my lukewarm coffee (mug half-full, always) to all of you for making this the best bad decision I ever made.

“I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.”  – John Cage


35 thoughts on “When you let blog readers plan your wedding…

    1. That sounds scary and techie. I might need someone to walk my dumb self through a tutorial on how to videotape things! Do you think a couple hundred of us could Skype throughout the whole Big Day?

  1. “Turning your wedding over to a group of strangers.” May I say, as the ultimate example of strange, that it’s an honour to participate, and just plain downright FUN! So keep those decisions coming. I promise to restrain my hatred of paisley long enough to get you to the altar in a VERY unique style!

    1. Hi, Eva! Thanks for stopping by! I am out of town and totally out of the blogosphere loop for a few days, but I’m excited to check out your page when I get back!

  2. Thanks for the recap – I missed some of the prior decisions.

    Being a bridezilla has never been the tradition that I knew. Up until all those obnoxious reality shows took hold, being kind and gracious was the preferred style for any social event, especially one where you wore the veil.

    What you’ve got so far looks great. You’ll have a truly one-of-a-kind day!

  3. I LOVE your color scheme! This is so much fun. You should have a camera set up so we can watch the wedding live. You know streaming video like the royals…
    I just have a feeling that your wedding will be much more fun!

  4. Love the John Cage quote. And I think what you’re doing is great – there’s something to be said for going with the consensus vote. Well, unless you’re talking about Al Gore in 2000, of course.

  5. Leaving the wedding details to voting friends and strangers is the ultimate in flexibility and a sign of a non control freak. You’ll probably live a very long life 🙂

  6. This is SUCH a fun idea!!! I loved that you’re incorporating, well, the blogosphere! It looks like it’s turning out great so far. Thank you for checking out my chocolate dipped strawberries today! Happy wedding planning! 🙂

  7. So far, your readers have made awesome selections, so let’s keep the wedding train rolling! Do we get to pick your dress, too? 😉

    1. Ew girl, the dress will be one of the last votes! I think I’ll do a password protected post to keep a bored, web-surfing Mister from sneaking a peek at the dress!

    1. Oh, I’m much too cheap for that. I wrote WordPress an e-mail asking about how quickly they could invent a scratch-n-taste widget. Maybe it’s because of the holiday, but I’ve yet to get a response 😦

  8. I wholeheartedly support this strategy. Why not let those lowly readers sweat and duke it out over these incidental decisions, and let the bride prune over more important things, like her nails?!
    ou are on to something – if I could do it over, I’d do it differently.

    1. Oh girl. Great (or crazy?) minds think alike! I was just joking with a friend the other day (Read: friend was joking. I was seriously serious) that all my wedding needed was a little freakish entertainment. Do you think I could find a belly dancer in cow boy boots?

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