The Super Sunny Sunday Paper

Well, Jackson skies are about to make it rain like a big-bellied pimp with a stack of ones at a gentleman’s club. Gross, I know. I feel the same way about it. To cheer myself up about summer playtime missed and tanning opportunities squandered, I’ve done thirteen jumping jacks, listened to some delightfully creepy songs from children’s artist, Raffi, and spent a solid chunk of my morning scouring the Internet for blog post pick-me-ups. Jumping Jacks – known to some to provide the thrill of making a snow-less, vertical snow angel – are dumb. And Raffi, well, the poor man’s lyrics about baby Belugas just got me side-tracked with depressing thoughts of whale-poaching and death and how we are all doomed just slightly less than the whales but still headed for that big, old apartment in the sky nonetheless. I aimed to make myself happy, and it seems I fail gladness instead. Thank God for bloggers and slightly batty blog awards.

Tracy (aka The Dinner Belle) awarded my grumpy self The Sunshine Award either because she likes me or because she has a wickedly refined Irony Detector. Like most blog awards, the winners are meant to list things about themselves (namely boring things that readers must then use to drum up witty comment responses) before passing the award to more unsuspecting victims winners and demanding that they share their life facts, too! I try to follow the rules, Tracy. I mostly sometimes do. But I couldn’t bring myself to list my favorite time of day to eat tomatoes or my shoe size or if push came to desperate, my favorite way to pass the time while stuck mid-poop. It seems I’ve covered just about all the big stuff like unwed parenthood, insulting strangers, and even burning one’s kitchen down while preparing a bowl of cold fruit. So, I’m changing the rules a bit.

There are no rules. I think a world in which Memes are without boundaries sounds one step short of heavenly. How about a blog award that forces winners to shovel cupcakes into their mouths at break-jaw speed? Or one that comes with an elaborate and funky dance routine that must be performed and vlogged for the appreciation of the masses? Or maybe one in which all you really have to do is say “Thanks so much, Tracy. I like you, too!”?

Sounds like a plan. I’m off to beat my personal best in the Chocolate Cupcake Without Chewing category, but before I go I’ll leave you with some bloggers who light up my day on a constant basis. Sunshine winners, know that you make me happy and I love you like almost as much as a fat kid loves cake.

Sunshine from Sunshine In London (Clearly she was asking for it.)

Leah from A Girl & A Boy  (Recently planned a sweet, crafty wedding that just makes you want to dance and smile.)

Kaela at Live. Love. Inspire ( Pregnant & Cheerful. It don’t make no sense.)

Katelyn at Elephant Ears (She’s always happy. Always. Even with The Crusty Pink Eye of Death, she’s smiling.)

C. at Small Dog Syndrome (Think Paul Blart, Mall Cop but girly and petite and with a fabulously British snip to her writing.)

Casey at Running Out Of Me  (Skinny AND likable. Lucky.)

Amy at Amalah (The only girl who can flip you the bird and still make you want to be her friend.)

Kat at Withywindle (Seriously, her headline is “Finding cheer and art in everyday”. Seriously)

Pegoleg at Ramblings ( I have a worried feeling that  I jacked her blog name and added a The to the front of it, and STILL she’s nice to me.)

Yuliya at She Suggests ( I’ve just never laughed so hard in my life. If I ever have one-pack abs, I’ll send the girl a picture and a note that says “Thanks for making me pee my pants. Crunches.”)

Which blogger makes your day a little brighter?

These are rules I could follow.

 No points for saying  that I do. I ain’t sharing these cupcakes with no body.


Hickish Double Negative


30 thoughts on “The Super Sunny Sunday Paper

  1. Other than your own magnificence, “The Idiot Speaketh” at redriverpak.wordpress.com. There’s a reason he uses George Costanza from “Seinfeld” as his avatar. For a far more pithy style of writing, the absolutely, devastatingly gorgeous Jamie at thelifeofjamie.wordpress.com. Outside of that “family”, for great political commentary, Melissa and Nonnie at writechic.worpress.com and mikk2.wordpress.com. BEWARE – both ladies wield VERY sharp pens, and occasionally … colourful … rhetoric.
    And finally, for your military, history, political, and satirical fix (depends on the day), Padre Steve at padresteve.wordpress.com. The good padre has served this country long and well, is both a man of God and of great humour, knows his history backwards and forwards,and always, ALWAYS, has something VERY worthwhile to say. Might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I’ll hawk his site to my last breath.

      1. I’ll tell ya. I’m 62, hadda triple-by pass in 06 and retired. Hittin in at 225 . Have to drop at least 30. We have to do that 30 minutes of cardio hoppin around every day. Do feel so much better and will probably add 10 quality years to life. We have to force ourselves. It’s hard when those depression days set in but we are adults and should have self discipline. I mean we discipline the children and the spouse ( bachelor here, kids grown)all day long so we should be in better practice. No sausage, no fried, no pepperoni, and no Mcfood. I like veggie pizza better anyway and a yogurt is enough for breakfast. That, decafe coffee and 2 cigarettes is a good breakfast.

  2. “To cheer myself up about summer playtime missed and tanning opportunities squandered, I’ve done thirteen jumping jacks, listened to some delightfully creepy songs from children’s artist, Raffi, and spent a solid chunk of my morning scouring the Internet for blog post pick-me-ups.” For some reason, I really related to this. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. 😉

    Congrats on another award. Can’t wait to have a few minutes of quiet to check out your blog suggestions.

    1. Actually, Blackjack wants to hear the rest of the story. He’s curious why a 3-legged goat is on a unicycle in the first place. He prefers roller skates, for some reason……

  3. Tori, how nice! Thanks so much for the shout-out. I’m in awe of your always, well-turned phrases. Your complimenting me is like the pot calling the kettle talented.

    And I’m calling my attorney at Dewy, Cheatem & Howe first thing this morning to call off that little blog name/trademark infringement lawsuit kerfuffle. No worries!

    1. “Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe”? Do I detect a fan of the collective works of the brothers Horowitz? (And friend. Sorry, Larry.) Methinks I spy a wiseguy (wisegal?) lurking hereabouts. Soitenly! (You know you’ve watched too much 3 Stooges when your spell checker accepts “Soitenly”. 😀 )

      1. An admirer, but not avidly so, I must admit. I’m more of a Monty Phython kind of gal. Now there’s a show that was good for nyucks!

      2. Oh, just to be an admirer shows you to be a person of tremendous taste. And be it a silly walk or a panicked “run away!”, the Python gang are always fun. Perchance you have perused the myriad mirths of other Brit-coms, such as Fawlty Towers and Are You Being Served? I really miss The Dave Allen Show and The Two Ronnies, which Chicago’s PBS station used as lead-ins to their weekly Doctor Who episode. Great stuff!

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