The Very Bloggy Wedding: Wedding In A Word (or two or three)

    Wedding-in-a-word, similar to Bed-In-A-Bag but much more expensive and complete with drunken relatives and barefoot dancing. Really, what can your comforter do except warm you? After kicking off The Very Bloggy Wedding project last week, two things became clear:

1. My readers are more  creative than I am.

2. My readers are nearly as whackjobcrazypants as I am.

    So in the spirit of insanity and ingenuity, I’ve given myself a small, DIY task in hopes that you all can offer the clever, quirky yin to my wannabe Martha Stewart yang. What’s that? I could’ve sworn I heard muffled weeping. Did someone just scream “Dear God, NO!”? Is this what it sounds like when the doves cry?

       Oh. I see.  You must remember my last rendezvous with the craft gods. So maybe everybody can’t shape the perfect heart out of plastic cd covers with kid’s safety scissors. Maybe {said in the universal, whiny mom voice} I did the best I could do. It’s also possible that I mark the day I tried to make The Dude a cheap, last-minute, heartfelt Valentine’s gift as the day I forgot what colors tend to make people’s eyes bleed.

R.I.P. Pimp Stick Box. You didn't deserve this.

    I can assure you that after learning of my inability to make cute things, I have selected only the most foolproof handmade project to be featured on our Big (little) Day.

      Fear not, Pimp Stick-mourning friends, this little piece of lovely fits my new and improved criteria for acheivable craft goals:

– No cutting.

– No pasting.

– No penmanship.

– No coloring utensils.

-No sense of symmetry or style required.

– No possible way on Earth (including missing limbs and too many wine spritzers) to mess this up.

          It seems all this project requires is some photos, some twine, and some clothes pins, all items found in abundance in the homes of any self-respecting hillbilly. With all the basic ingredients already lurking in the garage behind various Nascar and John Deere memorabilia, there’s only one thing missing. Words. More specifically, Wedding-In-A-Word (or two or three or maybe even ten). To ensure that no one in my home loses an eye to a rogue Sharpie, I leave the creative part to the one’s who do creative best, you.

Like THIS...except with your quotes...and not an Advent calendar.

     You task this week, Erlene(s), is to leave a short description of marriage, love, wedding day, family, any and all things good and sappy. The words you write will make their way to the banner which will make its way to the wedding which is practically like sitting at our circus of  blessed union yourself! Of course, humor and absurdity are welcomed encouraged, and as long as your message will fit on a 4×6 inch card you will have a spot at The Very Bloggy Wedding (nobody said it couldn’t be size 1 font. Write me a novel!) Because I wouldn’t want to risk hurting myself or others, I will have a trained professional ( perhaps the baby or dog) print your creations, clip ’em to some twine, add some pictures and feel better that not all my DIY attempts go down in the flames of failure.

Good Examples: happy, merry, love

Bad Examples: freedom killer, ball & chain, anticipate divorce (Also, my family only thinks the word ‘vagina’ (said like va- hee-na) is hilarious after several, several drinks. Clearly I don’t belong to them.)

     So there you have it. Give me your best words, and I promise not to use the glue gun.

Just a friendly (passive aggressive) reminder of what’s at stake here.

What is your Wedding-In-A-Word (or two or three or maybe even ten)? Share, or the box gets it.


63 thoughts on “The Very Bloggy Wedding: Wedding In A Word (or two or three)

  1. Hey, I can’t believe I found this…it’s probably too long for one of your cards…but thought I’d share. I already told you I did not plan to be preggers when we were getting married. So, I said, “I want to take off my shoes at one point” and so Bill said he wanted to come up with something..that he had the officiant toss into the vows very quickly, so the remainder of our rather short ceremony was in bare feet. Here’s what he gave the officiant:

    (Feel free to make this sound better or smoother, we have included this so that Sandi does not have to stand in her shoes for too long)
    Sandi and Bill, the journey of a new and blessed life together is about to begin. I ask that you remove/offer your shoes so that they may blessed as an enduring symbol of this journey. (Bill and Sandi remove shoes.) These shoes represent the two of you always being together as you travel through lifes paths, whether smooth or rocky, over mountains and through valleys, in darkness and light. May God bless these shoes so that they may remain strong and sturdy with your love together always. At the conclusion of the ceremony, you will wear these shoes as a blessed beginning of your new life’s journey together.

    We got so many chuckles off of that and I was comfy! The officiant got a kick and asked if he could offer that passage to other couples. 🙂

    That’s all I can share that made our wedding unique.
    Say, I have flight miles, will any of we bloggers be invited to this mighty occasion? You know, since we’re helping? Actually, I’d love to see all the unique input from all of the others…live!


    1. That’s cute! I will probably be barefoot for most if not all of this wedding extravaganza. Sore toes take away from the fun! I would LOVE to have all of you there… but I will make sure that tons of pictures are taken to show everybody!

  2. I am an avid reader of your blog and i’d say I am a Big fan. I just started my blog and am hoping you’d check it out hadizasabo.blogspot.com. Anyways with what i have seen my parents go through being together for so long, i’d say a wedding is Relentless love, Cherisable moment, unforseen circumstances. Hope its good enough for you.

  3. Respect, compromise & love
    Dark chocolate

    (The dark chocolate isn’t absolutely necessary, but, like an epidural helps during labor, chocolate makes me feel better when nothing else seems to go right :))

  4. Okay, I have to go look for my favorite wedding-ish quote, but in the meantime how about:
    1 + 1 = 3
    (so the man child can feel included).
    Sorry, don’t use that, it’s toooooo goofy. I’ll go look for my quote!

  5. Hmm… give me a minute (or a few hours) to think of something good. It’s pushing 11 pm here and I still need to make us some truffles. (Priorities: 1. Homemade truffles rolled in coconut, 2. Planning Tori’s wedding, 3. Everything else. In that order.) I’ll be back! 🙂

  6. You know you’re into the blog world when your wedding vows include the line, “I promise to cherish and honor your blog and will read it faithfully.”

    Dr. B, author, “The Mandolin Case”

    1. That’s my problem. I am the anti-sappy-romance girl. My words would probably sound like: Cool, Rad, High Five For Eternity. Not exactly the stuff of love stories 🙂
      I like Cherished a ton! I will for sure use that one!

  7. “Two heads, one pillow.” Which, in real life would, of course be just about the most awful thing I could think of aside from have 10 cats in bed with me each night. But as a metaphor, I could go for that.

  8. tie the knot
    take the plunge
    eternal vows
    say “I do”
    get hitched
    to have and to hold
    better half
    choose each other

    PLEASE no Valentine’s Day repeat. PLEASE. I. beg. you.
    And that is all. 🙂

    1. Haha. Heidi is desperately trying to save another innocent Pimp Stick box from destruction! Look at all your good ideas! I love these, and just for your effort, I’ll set the glitter down. Pimp Stick lives to see another day 🙂

  9. I like the “two heads, one pillow” Renee suggested. Even “two heads, one heart”

    How about Friends, Trust, Compassion, Peace <—always a good one in a marrage.

  10. I don’t think this will sound as romantic as it really is, but my word is “Choice.” The concept is this: marriage is not something that just happens. It’s not the next step. It’s a choice. it’s a choice every single day. Every morning, you wake up and choose to stay married, to love your spouse. Every time he annoys you, every time he disagrees with you, every time he leaves his stinky socks on top of that bra you planned to wear tomorrow…you choose to love him and to stay married to him.

    This was a concept that was stated a lot more simply and eloquently during our engaged encounter program (it’s a Catholic thing). We went for a weekend to this sort of “marital training” retreat (looooved it!), and the walls were decorated with banners created by other married people who had successfully completed this same program. One of the banners said simply:

    Love is a choice.

    And it totally is!

    1. I love that, particularly for our situation. Choice is absolutely right. After an unplanned pregnancy there were a lot of different paths we could have chosen: shotgun wedding, single parents, etc. THANK YOU for such a thoughtful answer 🙂

  11. Marriage is the intersection of where you’ve been and where you’ve always dreamed of going. It’s where two seperate roads full of twists and turns join together, creating a path that makes the journey ahead worth taking.

    How’s that?

  12. Miss Tori I absolutely love reading your blogs 🙂
    Here are few words that I came up with – Good luck with all the prep…



    “To the world you are but one person, but to one person you are the world.”

    ….will think of more….


      1. If your creativity only comes in that time limit, and you write posts at other times that ooze creativity, then there is no hope for the rest of us. 😉

      2. Haha! Now might be the time to tell everyone the truth. Baby writes posts. He’s kind of a genius. I’m normally just drinking juice and pooping my pants in the background!

  13. When I got married it was very country. That’s what we both wanted, but it was super important to me because I had always wanted to b married on my grandparents farm. Mostly because I feel at home there but also because its where I feel closest to my God. So we did it on the farm and everything was simple and beautiful. My point is we used a saying it was on our invitations, napkins, even our cake topper was engraved with it. “Two trails become one road” its simple yet effective and I think entirely accurate. Not only are your lives going to be entwind but that will be the road you walk together with your children until the day they find their own path and then hopefully some one to walk with them. Hope this helps!

  14. Serenity

    Just a few key words from a few of my favorite sayings. Good luck! I love that you’ve included your blog family in the wedding planning!

    1. Ew, Hilary! Yours are awesome! Particularly love “whole-hearted” 🙂
      I couldn’t imagine planning a wedding without some help from the MOST creative and kind people I know!

  15. Once at one of those bridal shower moments we were supposed to write some words of advice. I quickly made this up and use it all the time so I don’t have to think of something else, again.

    ABC’s of Marriage:
    Always express Appreciation
    Be quick to say I’m sorry
    Continue the courtship even after children

  16. Also, the old standby: for better and for worse.

    My favorite quote about marriage: “Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.” ~Simone Signoret —I know, it’s kind of cheesy!

  17. Love this idea! I hope you get onto the Today show with it! (Clearly, I am behind in my blog following being the 60th commenter but I had a good excuse – I was vacationing internet-free!) Hmm. Words to describe marriage: Humor. Friendship. Love. Not very original but essential in practice. (I could also say tolerance, compromise, and managing bat-shit crazy but who wants to put those words on a card?)

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