Word To Your Mother, Wednesday.

In the Week household, Wednesday is the mild, middle child. She is quiet with the knowledge that she is far better than her dreadful and vicious older sister Monday, slightly more appreciated than her screw-up brother, Tuesday, not nearly as pretty as her antsy little sister, Thursday, and will never, ever feel loved the same way as the free and giggly , dancing baby of the fam, Friday. Mother Saturday spends all week carefully eyeing Friday, anticipating the tot’s next milestone, while Father Sunday just sits oblivious, mumbling prayers at the kitchen table and circling matinée movie listings in the paper.

I feel for you, Wednesday. I am a middle child myself. Older sister steals your clothes, older brother steals a car, little siblings fighting for and winning paternal love. You enter the room only to see the visibly displeasure on people’s faces. As they roll their eyes you hear them confess, ” Ughhhhh. I thought it was Friday. It’s only Wednesday.” I know, I know, honey. It’s all so hurtful. But the greatest lesson my sib-locked scene has taught me is this: Don’t take your mommy issues out on the rest of the world.

You insist on being nicknamed Hump Day, which is terribly suggestive and unladylike. I can only imagine you are searching for love to replace the icy paternal demeanor you’ve come to despise. In a fit of defiance, you desperately try to draw out your time, hoping someone will notice you. Any attention is good attention, so you try to gain a little notoriety as the only 24-Hour Kid to drag on for 38-Face Palming-Hours.

I can tell you, after several spiky-haired boyfriends and poor life decisions like nose rings and jeggings, the immature crying out for attention will never change the domestic ebb and flow of things. You will, forever and always, be the middle child.  You can, at the very least, make a few friends by schlepping out a favor here and there. Try to show a little sunshine, be kind to people and their bosses, and eventually you’ll get your day in the spotlight when a holiday just so happens to fall in your lap.

Here’s to aiming for the title of  Fairly Blah But Altogether Pleasant, Wednesday.

Friends, I hope Wednesday is good to you!

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41 thoughts on “Word To Your Mother, Wednesday.

  1. At least she has one over on her screw-up brother Tuesday! I like Wednesdays – when it’s over, just two more days til the weekend or two more days to finish the things I’m procrastinating, depending on my mood. Funny post!

    • Oh fun! So Wednesday really is like your Friday! I never minded her until I stayed at home. I wake up a little disoriented, thinking it is the weekend and my chance to go grocery shopping for “alone time”. Then I realize it is Wednesday, and freedom is still a couple days away :)

      • Just saw this.. sorry :-( I am still figuring out this whole stinking wordpress thing, arg! I feel like I’m getting stupider every time I get on this site!

        I think what stood out to me about your reply the most is that it was spoken like a true stay at home mom….for your weekend highlight is now grocery shopping- alone, lol!

  2. It’s true that Mondays aren’t my favorite day of the week, and Fridays often get more celebration – but I’ve always liked Wednesdays. She is cause for mini-celebration because I’m done with Monday, and the weekend is closer. I hope she doesn’t get rebellious and ruin her life to get attention because, just as I am quite fond of her, I know others who are too :)

  3. I dunno, I rather like Wednesday. I’ve always found her to be reliable, loyal, and optimistic. But then, that shows you my taste in women.

  4. Lol! I love that! This semester, Wednesday has become my favorite day. Tuesday is my hated day. You see…I got the Golden Schedule of Joy and Envy: teaching only on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-9:15 a.m. So, as of 9:15 a.m. on Thursday, I’m celebrating my weekend. Wednesday is the “I made it” mark–I survived Tuesday, just need to get through Thursday, and I’m home free. Lol. I’m so freaking lazy. (Or maybe I just hate my job, lol. It just dawned me…I’m half-watching Million-Dollar Listing, and one of the dudes was like, “I wake up early every morning. I love my job. I can’t wait for the day to get started.” Yeah…I so don’t feel like that, lol. I need to find a job where I feel like that….)

    At any rate, Happy Hump Day to you. (Oops, sorry. Didn’t mean to encourage Wednesday’s attention-seeking rebellion.)

    • I always find, when I get the dream T-Th schedule, that my Wednesdays become the “catch up on grading and plan everything for the next week so you can have a really long weekend” days.

      • Haha! Yeah, I guess I could do that on my Wednesdays off. But I am soooo lazy. So, I spend Monday afternoon planning for Tuesday and Tuesday office hours planning for Thursday. But with a single class to teach, it’s not that demanding. ;) (And, right now, my students haven’t turned in any papers yet, so the grading is limited to quizzes and daily grades.)

    • Ugh, that Wednesday is such a hoochie :)
      I never really hated Wednesday until my mom schedule kicked in. In my working days, my down time was never set in stone. Sometimes Wednesday was for naps in which case I LOVED HER! Now, I have an eye on the weekend, when BabyDaddy is home from work, and I can have a little me time!

  5. Poor little Wednesday, the mother in me wants to throw my arms around it and whisper words of encouragement in its ear. I always champion the underdog. Maybe I can start a new texting abbreviation: TGIW?

  6. Alot of people look at Wednesday as the week is half over. They’re over the “hump” of the week. Like there’s a light at the end of the work week tunnel! I used to dread it because it was my food shopping day. I’ve since changed that to Thursday. Now I dread Thursdays.

  7. I’m a sad overlooked and underrated Wednesday…:( Middle child syndrome is alive and well.
    I wonder if anyone has named their child Wednesday yet? I know Nicole Kidman named her daughter Thursday or Sunday…

  8. Yea, Fridays like that friend that calls to hang out and you know you should say no because it always end the same. You puking out of a moving car on the drive back to Tn while your friends rocking the rap and the police are on your heel…no?!?! Just me huh? I guess my party days were something um unusual. Anyways now I live for Saturday the only day with no set plans I can choose to do everything or nothing at all. And while I don’t hate Wednesday I must say Thursday is my most dreaded day of the week, even over Monday. Its just sucha tease. Like hey I’m here and your exhausted but I’m not quite Friday and I’m gunna drag out this 24 untill your begging for mercy!

  9. Wednesday’s beauty is all in the eye of the beholder. If you’re a pessimist, the week is only half over. If you’re an optimist, woo hoo, just 2 more days to go!

    Think it’s a coincidence that the grumpy child in The Addams Family wore the same name?

  10. I guess if this were The Brady Bunch, Wednesday would be the one always moping and whining and repeatedly muttering “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!”

    I’ve always personally felt most sorry for Tuesday. That little guy has nothing going for him other than the lone fact that he is not Monday.

  11. Much needed laugh, today. Thank you! Wednesdays do drag on for-bloody-ever. I’m casting around for redeeming qualities with 40 minutes left to go in this 38 hour day. The chuckles have it!

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